Traders Predict This New Meme Coin to Replicate Pepe’s 30X Explosion

The Pepe bull run has slowed down a little over the last few weeks. By the looks of it, the token won’t bounce back into explosive action anytime soon. That doesn’t mean the meme coin space is short of action.

According to top crypto traders, Copium will lead the meme coin mania in the second half of May. It launched on 18th, Thursday, on Uniswap after an invitation-only presale.

Within minutes of going live, Copium generated a $10M million market cap and went 1000% up the charts, revealing its massive community strength on Dextools. The momentum is rapidly growing as more investors flock to Uniswap.

$COPIUM Uniswap V3 pool info, 18 May 2023

The Copium Community & Blue-Tick Influencer Network Catalyze the Meme Coin Mania

Humor, FOMO, and camaraderie are the main ingredients of the Copium bull run. The first-of-its-kind meme cryptocurrency is built around the concept of “coping” with missed opportunities.

Copium’s unique marketing strategy is one of the key drivers of its ongoing bull run. It focuses on building a community of believers in its vision, rather than mere investors.

Within a few days of launch, the Twitter community has grown to 15.6K members. The high engagement on the posts confirms the authenticity of the community. The social media posts take inspiration from popular memes and trends. They are aggressively designed to capture the meme coin audience.

But there are more factors at play that will give momentum to community-building. To begin with, Copium’s invitation-only presale has been used as a strategic measure to onboard influential supporters in the crypto landscape early on. As fervent ambassadors of the project with skin in the game, they are committed to its growth. They will promote its unique value proposition in the wider crypto community.

$COPIUM’s goal is to create a unique, engaging, and sustainable meme cryptocurrency. It unlocks “the power of humor, community, and innovative tokenomics to deliver significant financial gains to its holders”. This is achieved through a unique blend of exclusive NFT rewards, well-designed incentives, and passionate community activities.

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An Invitation-Only Presale Set the Stage for the Meme Coin Launch

In a unique approach, Copium incorporated an invitation-only presale, or private sale, into its project launch. It was limited to 200 investors, each of whom was allowed a maximum stake of 1 ETH worth of $COPIUM. The purchase cap established a level playing field and shared accountability for the project’s success.

To ensure that the token is not a fleeting sensation like the many meme coins and shitcoins we have seen in the past, Copium follows a strategically-designed anti-dumping plan.

For example, 10% of the presale tokens are unlocked right off the bat, while the remaining 90% of tokens will gradually unlock linearly over a period of 3 weeks. The investing structure prevents presale buyers from dumping the tokens and inciting a significant price drop.

COPIUM trades, source: DEXtools

Moreover, the project compels investors to hold and increase their $COPIUM holdings. It has launched a unique NFT drop that operates across three stages to reward top $COPIUM holders. You need to rank among the top-200 $COPIUM holders (snapshot taken two hours post-launch) to be eligible for the airdrop. Selected holders will get an NFT that features Copium Tank plus an airdrop of $COPIUM tokens in the first stage.

The more $COPIUM they own, the higher their Copium tank will be filled in the next two weeks. In the third stage, they will be able to claim their airdrop, which correlates to the fullness of their Copium tank.

Experienced developers and OGs in the meme coin space makes the Copium team.

How to Cash in on the Copium Explosion?

With a unique project and delivery, the Copium token is predicted to catalyze the next big meme coin explosion in the next two days. To take advantage of the momentum that is rapidly building up, make sure you grab your tokens early at low prices from Uniswap.

You will need a Metamask or any other wallet of your choice to get started. Once you have it ready, go to and connect your wallet. Enter the token address on Uniswap and select $COPIUM.

Check the price of the token and make sure your wallet is stocked up with enough funds before proceeding with the purchase. The token has zero taxes. So, you need not worry about slippage in the early stages. Confirm and sign the transaction, and that’s it.

Copium’s unique vision gives it the potential to enter the top-3 meme coin chart toward the end of this month, dethroning Pepe.

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