Traders Union Analysts Provide In-Depth ActiveTrades Review

The growing number of brokers has led market participants to look for the best partner that aligns with their unique trading needs.

Accordingly, ActivTrades, a well-established brokerage firm with a remarkable track record spanning over two decades, has consistently ranked among the top choices for investors, particularly those who engage in active trading strategies.

In line with this, Traders Union recently released a comprehensive ActiveTrades review, digging deeper into the key features of the platform.

The London-based broker offers an extensive range of over 1,000 trading instruments and educational resources. This wide selection allows traders to diversify their portfolios and take advantage of opportunities in different markets.

Notably, ActivTrades is especially attractive to cost-conscious users due to its competitive spreads that are as low as 0.50 pips, notably reducing trading costs and enhancing profitability.

For private traders, the maximum leverage is capped at 1:30, in compliance with regulatory guidelines. On the other hand, professional traders have the opportunity to access higher leverage, with a maximum of 1:400.

Moreover, an interesting feature of ActivTrades is that professional account holders with 1:1 leverage and leans for no swaps can trade CFDs on shares without incurring any fees, making waves as a cost-saving advantage.

Ensuring the safety of clients’ funds is a top priority in online trading, and ActivTrades takes this responsibility seriously. The broker is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Securities Commission of the Bahamas (SCB).

In addition to regulatory oversight, ActivTrades goes the extra mile to secure its clients’ interests. The broker offers deposit insurance of up to $1.00 million, providing an additional layer of protection.

The brokerage firm also offers protection against a negative balance, ensuring that traders’ losses cannot exceed their account balance. It also includes opening accounts on MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, front-end support, and access to Risk Management Tools

Remarkably, ActivTrades has a global outlook, attracting traders from various regions, including the United Kingdom, Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Asia, and South America.

Aside from its geographical reach, the financial company offers a range of affiliate programs, benefiting both private traders and institutional investors:

The broker’s referral program also allows every user to receive an affiliate link, which can be used to invite new members to the platform.

Eventually, clients obtain compensation in the form of a spread transaction cashback when their referred friends register, opening doors to increase traders’ funds.

ActivTrades is also popular with its top-notch training through webinars, catering to both beginners and experienced traders, facilitating skill improvement in the ever-changing Forex landscape.

While it offers a diverse range of advantages, it may not be the best fit for those seeking passive investment opportunities. Correspondingly, prospective users should carefully assess their trading preferences before selecting ActivTrades as their preferred brokerage.

In addition, it is important to note that the platform received a TU Overall Score of 4.82 out of 10, indicating that some clients have expressed dissatisfaction.

Nevertheless, Benzinga recently reported that ActivTrades currently ranks 95 among 350 companies in the Traders Union Ranking, which assesses brokers based on various criteria and account opening procedures.

In line with this, ActivTrades remains an attractive choice for traders who value competitive conditions and security in their trading journey.


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