TraderWagon Releases Product Roadmap as Monthly Growth Hits 138%

Upcoming Features to Meet Demand in Cryptocurrency Copy Trading for Advanced and Novice Traders

Seychelles, 16 May 2022TraderWagon, the crypto community-focused social and copy trading platform, has released its product roadmap to share its journey and exciting new features that will support development of copy-trading. TraderWagon recorded new registrations averaging 138% in the six months since launching. As the crypto market continues to develop and reach new users, there is growing interest for more trading tools among traders.

TraderWagon was established to meet that demand, by providing a platform to connect experienced and less-advanced traders. Experienced traders sign up to become Lead Traders, and their trading portfolios are made available for other Copy Traders to easily follow with a click. Lead Traders receive up to 10% commission in fees and 10% of their followers’ ROI and enjoy perks like 50% rebate on their own trading fees, first-look at new feature releases, and promotional activities and campaigns.

Roadmap of Upcoming Copy Trading Features

TraderWagon will release new features to enhance user experience, including:

  • Roll out of native mobile app will let Lead Traders execute position orders more easily
  • Integration in Binance Futures ‘mini program’ will allow Copy Traders to copy their favorite portfolio directly from the Binance app and ecosystem

TraderWagon has also recently supported more trading functions for Lead Traders which include all Order Types, Hedge Mode, API management, and Position Adjustment. These features allow Lead Traders more flexibility to offer more diverse trading strategies to its followers.

TraderWagon is also unique in that it offers copy trading for crypto futures, and connects to the largest crypto exchange Binance’s API. This allows users to conveniently open a copy trading account with their Binance credentials. Funds do not leave Binance, so there is no security risk or manual error when transferring funds.

Potential of Copy Trading in Crypto Futures

As with traditional financial markets, the crypto derivatives market outsizes the underlying spot asset market. The latest market report by data aggregator CryptoCompare shows crypto futures accounted for over $2.6 trillion while spot volume was $1.6 trillion in March 2022. Futures volume was $1.41 trillion versus $490 billion in spot on Binance. The larger trading volume allows for more liquidity and more trading opportunities.

Futures contracts are bidirectional which presents trading opportunities for copy traders in various market conditions. The current market climate of consolidation allows users of varying experience levels to explore different trading tools including copy trading.

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