Trading Ideas – the Most Powerful Affiliate Marketing Tool


Social trading is huge. Beginner traders need a mentor to follow while experts want to share their knowledge, especially if it gives them fame… and more profit from their trades.

We fully embrace the trend here in SimpleFX, as we have just released another great tool that not only will let you influence others but will also help you establish a profitable affiliate network, attract new referrals and maximize the revenue from each network member.

The two motors of passive income

Every affiliate marketer knows the two main challenges on the road to passive income:

  • Attracting new users to the partner’s platform
  • Activating your network to generate revenue for the partner

In the case of SimpleFX Affiliate Program, you want your network to make a lot of big and successful trades. The last thing you want is your affiliates losing money quickly and quitting trading. You want them to multiply their deposit as you are paid a lifetime revenue share for every spread they generate.

Since the spread is calculated as a small fraction of your networks trading volume. You need a high volume of successful trades. You need prosperous affiliates to get yourself rich.

That’s why you want to inspire your followers and give them some useful, practical tips. The best way to do it is to provide accurate guidance – show them what order you are making right now.

How to do it? Use Trading Ideas. With this tool, you can multiply your trading profits without taking any additional risk.

Trading Ideas in practice

Here’s a short guide on how to do it. Notice that at the moment SimpleFX Trading Ideas work only on laptops and desktops since the technical analysis is still not accessible on mobile.

1.Come up with a trading idea and use the SimpleFX drawing tools to show it. I put some mockup example here, don’t follow this advice, please.
2.Now click the “camera” icon to create your Trading Story.
3.The instrument you are discussing is identified automatically. You can add your story title, choose what kind of strategy it is: “no direction,” “short” (if you’re planning a SELL order), “neutral,” or “long” (if you are planning a BUY order). For my mockup strategy, I choose “long” (the green arrow pointing up). Then I click the “SAVE” button.
4.Now you can share your Trading Idea. You can throw it into SimpleFX WebTrader shoutbox or click “Copy analysis URL.”Your analysis URL is also your referral link.
5.Share your link to attract new affiliates and give a piece of valuable advice to the traders already in your affiliate network.

This is your lifetime revenue share link. You will get up to 25% of all the revenue share generated by anyone who ever clicks it and registers on SimpleFX.

Trading Ideas are just a perfect tool for affiliate marketing. You don’t risk anything sharing your trading strategies. These are not recommendations, just an inspiration. Thanks to the Trading Ideas you can:

  1. Inspire your friends
  2. Introduce new traders to the network
  3. Engage the members of your network
  4. Let others make money for themselves and you
  5. Become a social media trading star

Give it a try now and see how efficient it is. You should notice the results in your dashboard soon.


Inspire others and boost your income with the most effective affiliate marketing tool. Teach your friends how to trade and make money for you.

Visit SimpleFX WebTrader to create and share your first Trading Idea.

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