Traverse the Wide World: How OneRing Opens Up Cross-Chain DeFi


We need to talk about blockchains needing to talk. Although once upon a time there was a belief that there would only be one chain that reigns supreme, the creation of a new generation of chains that are faster and more diverse in their utility has led to the crypto community coming to realise that cross-chain is essential. By harvesting and accessing liquidity that exists on multiple chains, the whole blockchain economy as a whole can thrive.

Yet there is a problem. Working on and interacting with chains where a user is not comfortable can be off-putting. Having to understand and engage with whole new architectures can be overwhelming, and it can stop even seasoned DeFi traders from maximising the yield potentiality of their portfolio.

How OneRing Makes Cross-Chain Yields Easy

Everyone just likes to worry about one thing. And that’s a major reason behind the success of OneRing. OneRing is a cross-chain stablecoin yield optimizer that means your idle stables can locate and take advantage of the most spectacular yields on the market without having to trawl through the dank mines of DeFi, awkwardly swapping coins across chains, and navigating the goblins of bridges and the dragons of impermanent loss.

Instead, with OneRing, you can place the stables on your wallet into the OneRing vault, and the vault will automatically do it all for you. It will search through the best farms on Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, Avax, and more for the best yields, and put your coins to work appropriately.

Right now, it leverages farms on Sushiswap and Dinoswap on Polygon, and has recently launched in beta on Solana, enjoying fantastic success. Next up due to launch on the 31st August is the EVM beta on the Fantom chain, with APYs of up to 149% being offered to the first to deposit in the new tool. The OneRing team is building out additional functionality all the time, and before the end of the year OneRing will search even the most distant blockchain lands mired in shadow and mist and extract the treasure of yields to be found therein.

Your Coin is Good in These Lands

Any stablecoin can be deposited in OneRing vaults. It doesn’t matter which stables you hold, you won’t need to switch them to use it. As long as the coins are on the Polygon or Fantom network, OneRing can use them to earn the advanced yield. OneRing is perfect for investors who are risk averse and want to earn yield safely, and who can simply set-and-forget their yield strategies, while also click-and-collecting once the vault does it work. Unlike similar optimizers, there is no lock-up period for coins deposited in the vault. They can be withdrawn anytime by paying the protocol fee. The fee is 25% – paid only from the profits the vault earns..

How the $RING Token Benefits Holders

That fee can be reduced by purchasing and staking $RING token. Doing so allows stakers to benefit from the value captured by the product. $RING token stakers will enjoy maximal profits from the vault by removing the fees. Those fees charged to standard users are also used to buy back the token to ensure its continued growth and to keep its value up, the way a company uses profits to buy back its stock to protect its share price.

$RING token holders can vote on the parameters of the buybacks. Holders of $RING will also act as a fellowship that votes on new farms and new chains to add to OneRing’s vaults. The community will therefore help map the DeFi world together, and the OneRing team will do the best, with the tech behind their cross-chain yield optimizer doing the rest.

And what special tech it is. Precious, even. The vault is auto-compounding, and interest earned is immediately put back to work to create more profits for those using it, and by accepting any stablecoin, it remains open to all who want to use it.

Searching Far and Wide for Yield

In a cross-chain world, those who seek the best yield must venture outward into the dark. Yet OneRing is a light for those dark places. It’s a vault that makes the journey for you. It provides a simple and effective way for anyone to earn yield and enjoy the benefits the increasingly cross-chain blockchain economies are providing to the denizens of DeFi. So open up a cornucopia of yield possibilities over at OneRing’s website, and wander the wide DeFi world in peace.

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