Tronado: Top TRON DeFi Project to Watch Out for in 2021


This year has been one of many things good and bad. It started with fires in Australia, then a widespread Coronavirus which was soon declared a pandemic leading to markets across the globe and forms crashing. Equities, commodities, crypto nothing was spared by the panic selling masses. The mid months saw unrest in geographies such as Bulgaria and then in the USA for equal rights.

Among the bad things some good too happened. A large part of the world chose to stay indoors to avoid the virus from spreading further. Zoom became an intrinsic part of both social & professional life. The markets recovered from loses steadily rewarding the investors who held onto their portfolio at the time of doubts. Cryptocurrencies had an exciting year with a great start and a minor bump in between. This year saw the much-awaited halving in Bitcoin and the rally that followed resulting in record prices. In crypto, 2020 was truly the year of Decentralised Finance or popularly called DeFi. The DeFi market grew from 660 million at the beginning of the year to 13.7 billion at the time of writing this.

Much has been written about DeFi projects on Ethereum but the understated player is Tron which is just next to Ethereum in terms of market adoption. Tron has been investing in the DeFi ecosystem for years and now has become one of the most popular blockchains that support DeFi.

A major project to watch out for in the Tron ecosystem in 2021 is Tronado. It is a decentralized staking network with over 5K active users and over 200 million Trons staked within three months of the public launch. The platform has outperformed all its peers in terms of the user experience, the flexibility it provides towards withdrawals and most importantly the percentage interest. The bullish sentiment can be owed to the great communication channels stakeholders have with the promoters of the project inducing higher trust. The community is ever-growing with presence across all major media platforms.

Platforms such as Tronado are boon to economies wherein the bank interests are much lower or the local currency is often devalued against other major currencies. The interest rate offered on Tronado is enviable and holding cryptocurrencies can also act as a great hedge and store of value for those people. Tronado is slated to achieve bigger things in the upcoming year generating a lot of wealth and value for its community members.

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