TRONHERO – A DeFi Redefining Financial & Entertainment Platform


A crypto community with a common vision and currency will bring added value and advantages to every single member by meeting market demands. TRONHERO.IO (THERO) is one such cryptocurrency-based community that is about to go mainstream in 2021.

A global community-based cryptocurrency around its own token is the core idea behind the forging of THERO, a TRC20 token. The mission of TRONHERO.IO is to connect people around the world as offline networking did in the past and educate on the importance and relevancy of cryptocurrency. This will open a new spectrum of opportunity and eventually redefine a new era of financial distribution, gain and entertainment.

“TRONHERO.IO has the vision to provide Crypto education by imparting knowledge on the relevancy of the new financial and entertainment revolution era. “This will become the resource hub for Cryptopreneurs, assisting them to learn financial literacy and gain financial freedom for not only themselves, but also their associates/teams,“ says our chief operating officer (COO)

As this project is built on the TRON Blockchain, the biggest advantage that the TRONHERO.IO community will enjoy is staking & mining more THERO tokens at some of the lowest fees in the crypto space.

TRONHERO.IO is a global community that is about to set new standards in the industry.

The idea of creating TRONHERO.IO DeFi came about when the market demand for such a service was vital. With people around the globe searching for a safe and stable platform for investment & entertainment, this project has successfully combined the needs of both industries within its ecosystem.

The core values of TRONHERO.IO

  • Integrity
  • Boldness
  • Honesty
  • Trust
  • Accountability

Will always be our primary guide to assist our loyal community to achieve its goals.

“It is my responsibility to provide a stable and decentralized financial platform with a touch of light entertainment to our community whilst optimizing it’s financial performance,” says the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of TronHero during our interview.

The use case of TRONHERO.IO DeFi token THERO lies within its loyal community that will be using the token within the ecosystem, starting with mining and staking for THERO tokens. Their SUPERFUND project will then bring an interest-bearing, crowdfunding, financial platform that will multiply the number of tokens held by the community.

In addition, there are plans to create their own DEX, Gaming & Lending platform, which will be the ultimate link between the global community to an ecosystem that has all the relevancy of Finance & Entertainment.

As a new entrant, TRONHERO.IO has the scope and vision through its ecosystem for increasing its community members and their net worth in the future. An Ecosystem that we are excited to watch and nurture as it grows to new heights.

For more information, please visit:

Telegram: @tronhero

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