Tron’s Former Co-founder Joins DeFi WaykiChain with its Moon WGRT of ROI 500%


On August 13th (UTC), a DeFi token WGRT ( WaykiChain DeFi Governance Token) reaches its highly 500% ROI after its premiere listing on OKEx Exchange.

Preparation for Moon: Solid Foundation of Technology, Approaches, Product Design & Resources

The latest token to the moon is from the DeFi project WaykiChain which after its long term of internal construction such as Public Chain Upgrade V3.0 with Cross-chain, SaaS, WASM virtual machine being finished, international connections and collaboration being deployed as well as the successful reaching to multiple assets globally, it finally activated its pumping trading show.

Former Tron Co-founder Liu Ming Left Justin Sun for Wayki

Liu Ming, Co-founder of Tron, joined the WaykiChain team as a global ecosystem development consultant, according to the official statement. Liu Ming entered the blockchain industry in 2013 and Co-founded with Tron in 2017.

Liu Ming joined WaykiChain further empowers WaykiChain DeFi ecosystem and the token WGRT, continues promotes WaykiChain International Marketing through the combination with WaykiChain’s advantage such as technology and strategy

Moon WGRT, Deflationary Token Burn

It might be a bit complex to recognize these terms if you are not a DeFi player or to say participate, so to put it in this way, WGRT is a token that’s being used to govern the system stay stable and balanced. When the case is WaykiChain DeFi operates in a normal and healthy way, when the system is being liquidated,  the penalty will be used to repurchase the WGRT in the market and burn it.  So in the long term it is a deflationary token.

Market Circulation Rate Less Than 10%

When we look into the distribution diagram of WGRT you may find out it is a token that highly controlled by the team lockup.

Excluding some part of the marketing budget, all the other distribution including the lockup Team reservation, airdrop, and private Sale,  the rest circulating WGRT in the market is less than 10%.

High Interests & Low Thresholds: Sustainable WaykiChain DeFi

The token distribution of the WaykiChain Governance token WGRT prevents the whole token supply from being controlled by the whale to trigger the price crashing. And ensures the low circulation rate in the market as a strategic diagram to the moon easily.

The Spiral Raising Loop: WGRT vs WaykiChain DeFi

With certain surging market value, WGRT is backed up with more value to support the DeFi system and to expand the recognition of the WaykiChain DeFi branding. And WaykiChain DeFi ecosystem could gain more adoption both through a healthy governed system by WGRT.  Hence WGRT price will raise by the healthy WaykiChain  DeFi Ecosystem through both interests and penalties and keeps going to promote the Ecosystem and vice versa forming a spiral raising loop.

All-in-One WaykiChain-Based DeFi

The experimental ETH based DeFi platform is like a huge casino without a universal rule to manage to keep them in a certain order. They once the various project battling for traffic, the slow ETH ‘money LEGO can not afford the conflicts and conjunction.

Integrated DeFi: Fast, Safe & Smooth User Experience

WaykiChain-based DeFi Ecosystem integrates decentralized exchange, lending CDP and liquidation insurance altogether, builds up an all-in-one DeFi ecosystem accesses the investors industry in and out a fair chance with low threshold and high interests through its solid blockchain technology.

Application Launch through Collaboration with W-Broker, Singapore Based Securities Firm

So far, WaykiChain DeFi has already been enabling massive users worldwide to benefit from Cross-border investment of stocks of the US and Hong Kong.  The cooperation with Singapore based Security firm W-Broker since 2019 is a strategic success of WaykiChain accesses users the fair chances to the high threshold investment by removing the complex process of accreditation, and high costs of the middleman. Investors’ industrial ins and outs are no longer limited to their countries’ wealth creation.

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