TRUE Ecosystem Announces Official Partnership with Polygon Studios

TRUE has received a grant to outline the beginning of the long-term cooperation with Polygon Studios.

Nowadays, TRUE is an ecosystem for creating and delivering next gen NFT utilities to GameFi industry and everyday life. The company is set to grow in a decentralized multi-chain infrastructure to guide brands, developers and users to the world of Web 3.0. And Polygon will become the first major strategic partner of the project.

To confirm the intentions TRUE announces an integration plan of Polygon within the TRUE ecosystem:

  1. Issuing TFT token on Polygon blockchain as part of the upcoming IDO
  2. MATIC account creation on the platform
  3. Integration of non-custodial wallets supported by Polygon network

“We feel beyond positive about the integration and are totally happy to be spotted and trusted by Polygon among the long flow of other projects. We hope that together we will find answers to some of the major challenges that GameFi world faces today, such as high fees, poor user experience, and limited NFT functionality.“ — says Dan Andrian, CEO of TRUE.

Polygon network will expand blockchain capabilities of next gen NFTs and become a solid foundation for the TRUE friendship. For more information on the plans and technologies of the project, please, see White Paper.

Stay tuned for the updates on the Polygon and TRUE cooperation:

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