TU analysts explain how to trade on Bybit demo account

Given the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, it’s crucial for traders to have the right tools and strategies. If you’re new to crypto trading, practicing on a demo account before trading with real money is essential. Bybit’s testnet demo account offers a safe platform to test various trading strategies without risking capital.

TU analysts provide an in-depth review of the Bybit demo account and share best practices for optimizing the demo account experience, ultimately improving trading skills and increasing the likelihood of success in the volatile cryptocurrency market. By taking advantage of the Bybit testnet demo account and following the tips provided, traders can gain the necessary skills and experience to confidently transition to live trading in the cryptocurrency market.

What is Bybit testnet demo account?

According to Traders Union experts, the Bybit testnet demo account is a practice platform designed for new traders to learn the ropes of crypto trading without risking their capital. This testnet allows users to experiment with various trading strategies, get familiar with the platform, and understand the dynamics of the crypto market.

How to open Bybit demo account

TU analysts recommend following these steps to open a Bybit demo account:

  1. Visit the Bybit testnet website, which is separate from the official Bybit website.
  2. Locate the registration box on the left side of the page or click “Sign Up” in the upper right corner.
  3. Enter your email address, create a strong password, and provide a referral code (optional).
  4. Read and agree to the terms and privacy policy, ensure the information entered is accurate, and click “Continue.”
  5. Check your inbox for a verification code and enter it in the required field.

Upon successful registration, you can now access your Bybit demo account.

Is Bybit testnet similar to their live professional account?

TU experts explain that the Bybit testnet is designed to resemble the live professional account regarding interface and order placement. However, there are differences, such as the last price/mark price, recent trades, and liquidity.

How to trade on a Bybit demo account

Traders Union stated the following steps to trade on a Bybit demo account:

  1. Sign in to your live account.
  2. Log in to your testnet account.
  3. Chat with support on the live account.
  4. Prepare your UID for customer support (found in your account details).
  5. Connect with customer service and request 10,000 USDT and 1 BTC.

Once your Bybit demo account is “funded,” click on the “Trade” tab and select your preferred trading pair. Enter the number of contracts you want to trade and create your order. Your order will be listed in the order book, where you can monitor its status.

How to switch to a live account from a demo account on Bybit

Traders Union experts provide the following steps to switch to a live Bybit account:

  • Download the Bybit app or register on the website. Enter your email or mobile number to sign up and provide a referral code (optional).
  • Review Bybit’s list of restricted countries to ensure you’re not located in one of them.
  • Receive a verification code from the platform and enter it in the space provided within five minutes.


Understanding how to trade on a Bybit demo account is crucial for beginners looking to maximize their profit potential when transitioning to a live account. Following the steps outlined by Traders Union experts, you can practice your trading strategies, familiarize yourself with the platform, and build the confidence necessary for successful trading. To learn more about crypto trading and other valuable insights, visit Traders Union’s official website.


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