UpLift DAO to Raise 200 000 BUSD for a Game-Changing Project NFT4Play


Having raised 550 000 BUSD in its first two IDOs, UpLift DAO has announced the onboarding of the one-of-its-kind iGaming platform NFT4Play.

Powered by partner connections within the industry, including NEAR Foundation and having recently announced its integration with Polygon, UpLift DAO spanning over 80 countries has set out to raise 200 000 BUSD in the NFT4Play IDO, officially launching on the 8th of February.

“Given the passion, exceptional dedication, and extensive industry experience of its founders,  NFT4Play is bound to be a huge success,” said Irina Berezina, Operations Lead for UpLift DAO.

Tapping into the biggest global communities including the UK Premier League Fantasy Football, NFT4Play is a Play2Earn iGaming platform that allows players to accrue and swap NFT cards and then play and bet against each other in tournaments for rewards. Players will make notable gains from their platform membership as well as participate in tournaments and PvP matches in the game of their choice. Games will include NFT card games, UK Premier League Fantasy Football, and eSports.

The team members behind NFT4Play are industry insiders with extensive experience in the area of iGaming. “We chose UpLift because of their community-centric and professional approach, enabling us to put players first,” said Avron Goss, the founder of NFT4Play.

The project’s strong value propositions include: a rewarding membership program with a low entry threshold of just $25; pay to play NFT card games; card farming with a possibility to display the enhanced cards for sale on the secondary market; lottery-based access to sports memorabilia, sports betting tips, and eSports items.

About UpLift DAO

Having amassed 6K unique stakers in a matter of several months since its official launch, UpLift DAO incubates and accelerates promising projects, facilitating entry into the most profitable stages of project growth. UpLift DAO’s open governance empowers community decision-making processes. Generated profits are returned to the community in the form of staking rewards, airdrops, and through a buyback mechanism. Backed by top-tier VCs, the UpLift platform launches cross-chain IDOs, facilitating pre-launch buildup of projects via exposure to early-stage venture capital funds and an extensive influencer network.

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