vDice Publishes Code Audit for ICO

The vDice Crowdsale (ICO) starts on November 15th.

This ICO on Ethereum is highly anticipated.

vDice is the world’s 1st Fully Decentralized Gambling Game. It’s live already, processing bets on Ethereum

The vDice team has published a full, independent, 3rd party code audit.

The audit is by blockchain security expert Peter Vessenes.

Peter is well respected as a blockchain expert. His security blog gained attention when he started reporting on the code flaws in the DAO very early.

The full Audit of the vDice game code by Peter Vessenes is available here.

Peter is also auditing the code for the vDice Crowdsale (ICO).

Jason Colby, who was in the origina Ethereum team, is now on vDice:

“Peter’s technical contributions to blockchain are well respected. It was an honour to work with him contribute to vDice.

Using the power of Blockchain and Ethereum Smart Contracts; vDice is a revolution in internet gambling.

Online gambling is a multi-billion dollar industry. Like music and publishing, it’s about to be disrupted, by vDice and decentralisation.

vDice is one of the only working Dapps on Ethereum, processing transactions. People want to know how vDice works and how it is secure.

vDice is one of the most popular Dapps. Making secure Dapps for Ethereum is something vDice take seriously.

The vDice unique token, called ‘vSlice’ uses the same smart contract technology, tied to their revolutionary platform.

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