Velo Trust: Enhancing Bitcoin Trading Security


Velo Trust, an authorized escrow agent, recently announced it will utilize Ledger Vault’s multi-authorization cryptocurrency wallet management solution. Ledger Vault’s asset management system will be utilized in Velo Trust’s escrow procedure to increase the security of its holdings while being held in escrow.

Assets clients transfer to escrow addresses will be held in Velo Trust’s secure crypto custody solution, powered by Ledger, and will be insured against loss the moment the blockchain transaction is confirmed.

Ledger Vault provides the technology infrastructure for firms to completely manage and control their cryptocurrencies, allowing firms to securely store and instantly trade their digital assets.

Ledger recently obtained a custom pooled crime insurance policy of up to USD 150 Million which, in the event of a covered loss, would be apportioned, proportionate to loss, amongst all Ledger Vault clients who were affected by the loss.

Many crypto traders have utilized Ledger as a secure mechanism to protect their assets and can now have confidence that this same security is being leveraged for their assets held in escrow with Velo Trust. With Ledger’s solution, Velo Trust will provide a secure, liquid, end-to-end escrow procedure that works at scale for a global audience.

Velo Trust aims to make bitcoin OTC transactions safe, secure and simple. The Velo Trust web platform and escrow procedure is designed on this basis, to enhance convenience and simplify trading in general.



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