WandX Prototype 2.0 released onto the Ropsten testnet!


After closing the pre-sale of the Wand Tokens for 530 ETH last week, the WandX team has released their latest prototype onto the Ropsten testnet. This enables users to create and trade a Basket of ERC20 Tokens through a single transaction through their smart contracts. They’ve added a new advisor to their team, the former founder of the Pillar Project, Yogesh Gaikwad. He brings in a lot of experience in running a successful token sale as well as in strategising the product roadmap. Abhinav Ramesh, the CEO of WandX says “this prototype brings us closer to a mainnet release in November. The app is quite user friendly, with a blockchain based login using Civic”. They’re moving into their Token sale on October 27th which runs for 4 weeks. Get in touch with them through their telegram channel (https://t.me/wandxbeta) or by just shooting an email to [email protected].

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