What Will Happen to Oil Production and Distribution in 2021, and How Can You Make a Profit on It



  • Introduction
  • A general overview of the Oil market and events that happened.
    • OPEC +
    • Oil price and Covid-19 affection
    • Oil production in the USA
  • How can people profit with Oil Max Capital?
  • Discounts


There is no doubt that 2020 has seriously changed the oil market’s reality, including the price charts and predictions. This year the industry will have to adapt to new conditions.

Conservation of low-margin projects, consolidation in the US shale industry, reorientation of oil majors towards ESG projects, closer coordination of OPEC + members, and a record level of world reserves – these are the trends that may be observed in the coming year.

There is one absolutely positive moment- we can already observe how the oil market is rolling around with all the complexities caused by the pandemic. The oil price is rising, new deals are being made, and the leading players are starting to work on new long-term projects.

A general overview of the Oil market and events that happened

The collapse in demand due to the global quarantine, which peaked at 20 million barrels per day (b/d), coincided with a conflict between the OPEC + deal parties, which led to a price war uncontrolled increase in production. As a result, world oil reserves reached record levels, and oil prices fell below many extractive companies’ costs. All these factors heavily scarred the oil market in 2020, however, it is worth noting that even in such a situation, many companies (mostly small ones) were able to benefit and now, on the rise in prices, they earn even more than they could if the oil market did not go through a crisis.

One such example is Oil Max Capital company, which last year made a decisive step towards future earnings – we bought a record amount of oil at low prices.  And even when prices continued to fall, our analysts did not sell stocks for next to anything but decided to take a waiting position for further earnings.  As we can observe now, oil prices are growing, and with them, our income, as well as the income of our clients and partners.


Members of the OPEC + alliance stabilized the market balance by reducing their production, which amounted to 9.7 million b / d in May-July and was relaxed to 7.7 million b/d from August to the end of 2020. The OPEC + deal is the most critical mechanism for ensuring stability in the oil market. Controlled production limitation allows avoiding excess supply and maintaining a price level that is comfortable for oil producers.

Oil price and Covid-19 affection

Another optimistic premise is the hope of defeating the COVID-19 epidemic by the end of the first half of the year. Vaccinations have already started in the USA, Canada, and the UK, and introducing the vaccine in other developed countries is likely in the coming weeks. According to the IEA, demand for gasoline and diesel fuel in 20exceptional recover to 97-99% of the 2019 levels.

Oil production in the USA

In autumn 2020, against the background of price stabilization, the industry began to revive gradually. M&A deals increased in the sector, and new drilling began to recover. In the baseline forecast, US production will not be a significant negative factor for oil prices, but the dynamics of key industry indicators should be kept in focus.

Analytical houses’ price forecasts vary. The average price at the end of 2021 may be in the range of 47-50 per barrel of Brent, while within a year, there may be fluctuations in a wide range of $ 40-60 per barrel.

How can people profit with Oil Max Capital?

As we can see, the oil market and its leading players are set for positive dynamics over the next year. However, how can ordinary people capitalize on this growth? Everything is quite simple. You need to choose related industries and companies such as Oil Max Capital and jump in.

As we mentioned before, the company made a strategic step in 2020 and now can offer customers profitable investment opportunities. People don’t need to understand investing, market quotes, and the oil industry to make money with Oil Max Capital. It is enough to choose an investment package that suits them personally and start earning from the first day of investment.

The company has developed 24 different plans to suit various income levels. The basic tariff starts at just $10, but the profitability is twice the investment amount. Referral programs have also been developed, which significantly increases the size of clients’ earnings.


At the moment, the company has released a limited number of packages at special prices. Discounts range from %25 to %30 per package. Thus, for the Base package, the client will pay instead of $10 – only $7,5 while retaining the profitability of $0,33 per day. The duration of such a package is 2 months.

If we look at more serious offers, for example, a four-month Advanced package currently costs $375 instead of $500 (the discount is 25 percent). At the same time, the level of profitability also remains at $11,11 per day.

The most advantageous packages are considered to be 6 months long. A discounted Ultimate+ package can be purchased at a price of $7,000 instead of $10,000. The income will be $166,67 per day. Thus, you will receive more than $30,000 by investing $7,000, it’s more than $23,000 of pure income. The offer is limited by time and numbers of discount packages issued.

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