When Marketplaces Meet Predictions: The Curious Case Of Fair Prediction Launches

Amidst the NFT and crypto bloodbath in the markets today, one can only start questioning the intrinsic value of products and services they are offered.

When the market gets desperate and it seems like our doubts can never end, one of the fortunate things is, we can consider what’s underneath – the level of strength in the underlying technology.

Throughout the years, the cryptosphere has experienced market cycles that could hardly be found in other spaces, because as we know, the most rewarding opportunities come with high risk, and we accept that being involved with the blockchain.

Products Might Fall, Technology Stays

As the recent news headlines have proven, platforms that power our Web3 ecosystems could have been developed without much consideration for the harshest possible financial conditions, therefore the inner mechanics, not upside potential of projects, once again show themselves as the crucial aspects in blockchain.

Marketplaces, unlike exchanges, have not seen that much downside as their structures are very different – especially when there are innovators in the industry taking on bigger, more mainstream players.

As much as marketplaces are still strong, so are projects specialising in smaller niches like staking and predictions platforms. Having such a robust market that features a series of different products can be highly rewarding for participants – both businesses and individuals – as even marketplaces are taking shapes and forms never seen before.

Projects aren’t limiting themselves to allowing the trade of only digital art – decentralised music rights, legally-binding documents platforms and prediction launchpads are taking ownership of their special place in the cryptosphere and enabling people to either make friends, earn passive income, be part of a community, or simply have lots of fun.

When Multiple Blockchain Features Meet

There has been a rise in the act of merging different blockchain technologies together, and it has been rewarding for many people so far.

As we can observe, a lot of projects aiming to succeed at this have simply bundled a lot of features into one platform – in such cases, we often see crypto banking apps offering transfers, swaps, staking mechanics, investing – all in one app, which is not always a sign of convenience and effectiveness.

Other projects have relied on more considerate ways of operating, such as creating a wholly new product from several existing structures, therefore their inventiveness shines the brightest.

With the merger of blockchain features in mind, prediction platforms have also shown that properly designed ecosystems can bring joy and reward to the average participant without the need of large investment.

Prediction platforms like Polymarket and Augur have revolutionised the way we look at forecasting future events for profit – anyone with a crypto wallet can try and predict the outcome of, say, the next US Presidential Election, the next week’s weather, the future price of a cryptocurrency, or anything else one can think of.

Such concepts have directly inspired NFT projects as well – why limit the cryptosphere to currencies when any kind of digital on-chain item can be awarded for an accurate prediction on a dedicated launchpad?

Those Who Find Viable Solutions To Hard Industry Problems

As it turns out, even NFT staking can be implemented on prediction platforms to suit the participants not yet ready to predict or there just to observe.

The road towards building and deploying such complex mechanisms is a challenging one, and those who manage to pull it off are going to be highly celebrated in the Web3 community.

Luckily, it seems, the NFT community has already been presented with some competent players to vouch for innovative marketplaces, NFT launchpads, and whitelisting.

One upcoming project of this kind is SparkWorld*, a launchpad determined to restructure minting, whitelisting, and allocations in a fair and rewarding fashion.

Fair Prediction Launches, or FPLs, are the invention of the team at SparkWorld* which is the key to solving front-running activity, bots, lack of information, high fees, the first-come-first-served model, and more.

FPLs are NFT launches designed to offer equal reward and allocation opportunities for all participants involved, unlike the standard practices used in launching NFTs today.

The Need For Fair NFT Launches

Many people involved in today’s standardised NFT launches tend to get hurt because of one or more of the aforementioned reasons – either the amount of information available about a project is not quite enough, or the launch system favours those coming to the game first, or certain high expectations had been set but not met.

Looking at the features, Fair Prediction Launches seem an essential yet not-so obvious next step towards the NFT ecosystem becoming more utilised by regular users and not those for the short-term profit.

FPLs create equity in the NFT-sphere by providing one feature that stands out the most: NFT-based predictions.

Everyone who comes to the SparkWorld* ecosystem and stakes tokens, is guaranteed proper rewards; NFT whitelist spots and a series of other valuables can be won by predicting the outcomes of future events with the $SPRK token, because those who stake $SPRK are granted access to making predictions.

The SparkWorld* ecosystem, in its entirety, is not about mindless yield-seeking but rather about making a more accurate prediction than others do, which can be very rewarding.

The Backstage Of NFT Ecosystems

The NFT and crypto space has increasingly seen more unfairness and unethical project behaviour since NFTs went mainstream a few years ago.

Although the ecosystem has been expanding, innovating, growing, both newcomers and experienced Web3 enthusiasts have been misled, misinformed, or simply left behind in launches.

All of this can be reversed with the upcoming FPLs that cannot allow user privileges in itself, and manage risk.

With this in mind, one could firmly state that before real progress, a series of ecosystems can fail to bring the products people need, but the underlying technology cannot go unrecognised and unused long-term, and therefore rise and win because of its intrinsic value.

The same applies to FPLs, and the SparkWorld* ecosystem, with its robust new structures, is perfectly able to manage its own invention and take fair NFT whitelisting to a whole new level.

Learn more about SparkWorld* and Fair Prediction Launches by visiting their website or following them on social media – the launch is to be conducted in July of 2022.


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