Which Tokens Are The Q2 Crypto Superstars in 2023? XRP, MATIC and MIYAGI Lead The Stats

According to a report recently released from Coinbase, the average crypto market hit $1.3 trillion during April, displaying a 17% increase compared to the Q1 average of $1.1 trillion. With the third quarter only around the corner, what is the best token to invest in as we phase out of Q2? Typically the third quarter starts on July 1st, so there is still time for you to invest in a few Q2 heroes.

Crypto asset volatility in April dropped by 25% compared to the Q1 average, so maybe now is the perfect time to invest in the markets. This article will discuss the strengths and coin forecasts of Polygon (MATIC) and Ripple (XRP) cryptocurrency projects. This article will also cover the new meme-coin in town DogeMiyagi (MIYAGI), and how they are set to take the index by storm at the end of Q2.

XRP Bridge Making Ripples

In 2012, Ripple launched its native token XRP, with a currency code similar to the Ethereum format. The XRP coin has been a successful ledger that enhances the international financial transfers of many different currencies. Founders Jed McCaleb and Chris Larsen aimed to create a cost-effective and eco-friendly coin that could be more scalable than Bitcoin (BTC).

In recent news, Ripple launched its CBDC Platform, designed to revolutionize central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and all stablecoins that feature on the platform. The CBDC Platform is seen by many as a bridge between DeFi and centralized finance, giving a solution for financial institutions, central banks and governments, to create and circulate their digital currencies.

The attention and scope of this new platform have given some very positive forecasts for the XRP coin in the coming months. Although XRP trading price is $0.461, down 1.87% at the time of writing this article, they have seen a rise of 7.78% over the past seven days.

Auto-MATIC Success

In 2017, Polygon was launched as the Matic Network, designed to be a scaling solution helping to improve speed, reduce gas costs and transaction issues. With a swift name change, Polygon and its MATIC native coin continued to succeed as a layer-2 network, working as an add-on layer to Ethereum.

The MATIC has recently enjoyed growing popularity due to the upsurge in Ethereum’s network usage, as some of the Ethereum-based Decentralized applications (dApps) are Polygon based.

The unique features of the Polygon infrastructure have been the go-to for dApp developers recently, and this is a solid case for an increase in MATIC value in the near future. When writing this article, the MATIC traded at $0.8626, down 1.64% over the last 24 hours and 1.04% in the previous seven days.

The Wise DogeMiyagi Ready To Launch

Investors are seeing a move towards digital currencies as necessary and inevitable. If you are betting on the future, what are the safest investments in 2023 as we close Q2? Memecoins have become the significant investment focus this year, and presale new dogs DogeMiyagi are no different.

This new DogeMiyagi buzz is down to an impressive feature list and development stage, an 80s Karate master in the shape of a Dog. DogeMiyagi’s early success is not just down to having a character based on Karate Kid’s Mr Miyagi but a clear mission to create a successful and profitable crypto project.

With exciting NFTs, elite clubs, a well-developed Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO), and the Killer Swap Machine exchange, the team behind DogeMiyagi are aiming for the top. One feature that has turned a few heads is the Dogemiyagi Token Referral Program, giving a 10% commission on their investment for referend investors.

So far, 2023 has been a year nobody could have forecasted, with SEC pressure, hacks left, right and centre, and meme coins rising to further prominence. As we near the end of Q2, one thing is for sure, DogeMiyagi is to continue to surprise a few investment analysts and bound on into Q3.

For more on DogeMiyagi, check out the links below:-

Website: https://dogemiyagi.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/_Dogemiyagi_

Telegram: https://t.me/dogemiyagi


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