While Decentraland (MANA) struggles to find new investors, DigiToads (TOADS) is set to see 450% growth

If variety is the spice of your life, it is the secret sauce that keeps things going in the cryptocurrency market. Crypto users are always on the lookout for the best cryptocurrency to buy as soon as they see their preferred options struggling to perform. Take the example of Decentraland. The virtual reality platform once had a good run because of the multiple partnerships it entered into with leading global companies. However, today, it’s the MANA token that has been struggling to hold its position and has been seeing negative price action. As MANA holders search for new options, DigiToads has emerged as a credible project that has frequently bagged the top spot on many analysts’ best cryptocurrency ico list.

DigiToads: Exploring new dimensions of DeFi

DigiToads has been developed by combining the most useful features of three cryptocurrency models – a meme coin, a play-to-earn game, and a stake-to-earn model. The hybrid model enables DigiToads” users to explore more than one way of earning passive income. Over time, users can develop it into a sustained income stream.

Another reason why it has been dubbed as one of the best cryptocurrency to buy now  for beginners is because how easy it is to obtain. Whilst in its presale phase you can exchange most top 20 cryptos for TOADS tokens directly fron the DigiToads presale website.

The DigiToads tokenomekics have also been designed to favour token holders with around 69.2% of the total 585-million supply of TOADS tokens available for purchase or to be given  out community rewards throughout the presale stages . The remaining token supply will be used for keeping the liquidity pool flush with funds, developing the platform, public releases, team tokens, organizing competitions, and other miscellaneous tasks. In the future, the DigiToads team would be giving away 2.5% of its annual profits to organizations that are working for the preservation of rainforests and replanting trees. The organizations that would be receiving these donations will be selected by the community members.

The DigiToads team’s plans for the future include a think tank where users can attend sessions on cryptocurrencies and other related concepts. To gain entry, all that users would need are a minimum of three TOADS NFTs.

A key reason why DigiToads has made it to analysts’ recommendations for altcoins to watch out for is its Web 3.0 game. The DigiToads game has a lot on offer – an exciting plot, great graphics, and lucrative opportunities. To start playing, one would have to buy or trade a DigiToad, which are virtual being to help players fight in the arena. Players can buy potions, food, and training equipment for their DigiToad and increase their capabilities. These items can be bought using TOADS tokens.

Users should know that a part of the proceeds from the sale of these items would be used for maintaining the prize pool for the game. The players bagging the highest scores in the season will walk away with TOADS tokens as a prize.

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Why Decentraland might be headed for bearish trades?

Decentraland is a virtual reality platform where users can own digital pieces of property to create varied experiences and then monetize them. It is one of the best cryptocurrency to buy now as it enables users to streamline their passive income. The digital plots on Decentraland are called LAND and have been designed as NFTs. Each piece of LAND is further divided into small parcels and can be bought using the platform’s native token MANA. Further, users get to choose between avatars, wearables, and eventual items to up the entertainment quotient of their virtual experiences. Users also have the option of selling their assets and LAND units to other community members. Despite its popularity, the MANA token has been trending downward for the past few weeks. The negative price action has impacted its returns and analysts suggest that it might stay in the bearish zone for some time.

Why is DigiToads the best cryptocurrency to buy?

If you are wondering what cryptos to buy now, you should consider what analysts have been saying about DigiToads. Among the analysts who have reviewed the TOADS token, many have given it the green light due to its decentralized governance structure and policy of incentivizing the participation of users. In addition, as users get to earn residual incomes via multiple sources, DigiToads makes for a dependable crypto project. Given how the TOADS token has seen 450% growth in recent weeks, analysts feel its returns can potentially cross 50x over time.

For more information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.




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