The Whole World Right Now Is Looking at Russia

Not necessarily because there is a huge crypto community there or because of the Telegram ICO lead by a Russian entrepreneur…but because the FIFA World Cup is coming up!

In fact, the opening football game has been decided to be between Russia and Saudi Arabia.

The big news right now is a PR stunt conducted by Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud, who has decided to erase all debts for football teams in the Saudi Professional League (the country’s first league.) A whopping $340 million of debts in first league football teams, will be paid for by the Prince!

This is not a very uncommon story, however, when you bear in mind that most clubs owners get involved with the industry for reasons like status or leveraging their publicity to enhance other business ventures. Fans have been ignored for much too long and when everything is said and done, there are 2 possible outcomes:

  1. Either the club downgrades to a lower division
  2. Or a new owner/messiah comes along with a truckload of money and saves the club for a few more years.

Common sense tells us however that these are short-term solutions, and practically just kicks the can down the road.

United Fans – a blockchain startup for the football industry – sees a great opportunity in creating long-term prosperity and financial health for the communities linked to the clubs.

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