Why is Big Eyes Coin Considered a Better Investment Than Dogecoin and Stellar?

The strength and longevity of innovation depends on the issues it is targeted to address. The market era of most cryptocurrencies depends on vague ambition, developers’ greed to amass profits, and baseless economic missions.

The dawn of Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is bringing a new ray of hope for its users to generate lasting and sustaining wealth. Users also have the legal responsibility to contribute to the safety of the environment through charitable actions.

The Big Eyes ecosystem was characterized by a cat-themed image, a mechanism that narrates the project’s interest in the NFT market. They planned to build a community to grow wealth in the DeFi ecosystem by selling cat-theme content.

The project is self-propagating in access to more content as creativity within the community is accommodated. Lastly, to conserve and protect aquatic life, Big Eyes Coin proposes to address this by funding a charity foundation that focuses on such environmental projects.

The Technique of Big Eyes Coin in Addressing Dogecoin and Stellar Weaknesses

Big Eyes Coin versus Dogecoin

To best clarify the distinctive difference and state the advantage of choosing Big Eyes Coin, the following features will be of help:

  • Extremely Limited utility:

There is virtually no real-world use for Dogecoin. The setup and institute that traded or exchanged the coin were highly minimal. According to the International Business Times, an average of 48 companies considered its usefulness. Meanwhile, Big Eyes Coin is a community project where institutions know the platform’s goals of addressing environmental challenges.

  • No Initiative Catalysts:

Unlike Big Eyes Coin, which has a mission to fulfill on behalf of users, the DeFi ecosystem, and the world ecosystem, Dogecoin was mostly skeptical. The Dogecoin project doesn’t have a tangible drive in the crypto space. The Dogecoin (DOGE) platform was owned by retail investors and not an institution that allows emotions to set in.

The Big Eyes Coin token and NFTs projects are an overpowering scent of ambition hyped by community involvement. As regards Dogecoin, a public figure determined its price fluctuation through mere tweets, leading to a loss of value.

  • Unlimited Supply:

To validate transactions, the use of proof-of-work like Bitcoin (BTC) is the technique used by Dogecoin miners. The process causes more hazards to the environment through unregulated carbon emissions due to the use of high-powered computers.

On the other hand, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) projects were targeted to mitigate pollution; how then will such use environmental hazard mechanisms to promote their communities?

The battle-equipped dog-themed NFTs like Shiba Inu (SHIB) with toothless missions rendered Dogecoin valueless. The cute-cat themes community has projected structures, programmed with the safest coding matrix, to facilitate user wealth growth through NFT item marketing. These market prospects can happen within and outside the communities.

Big Eyes Coin versus Stellar (XLM)

The below-stated features explain the differences:

  • Stellar is crippled due to a small team that runs its crypto space. There is much to achieve with a large and expanded team or communities, a better feature of the $BIG ecosystem.
  • The purpose of creating the Stellar token (XLM) is not unique to the platform, as Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple are closed competitors. The Big Eyes Coin mission can’t be marched, let alone its charitable activities.
  • There is an extremely limited supply of Stellar tokens (XLM) to meet demand in the crypto space. Unlike the Big Eyes Coin, where there are enough tokens (90% to be launched) to facilitate community markets and wallets.
  • Lastly, the fear of volatility mitigated the developments of Stellar, especially for those who double-trade or invest in it with Ripple tokens. There is no projection of price fluctuation during the trading of BIG tokens.

How to acquire Big Eyes Coin and belong to its community

Step One: Join the social media channel and participate in its live conference.

Step Two: Navigate the token live website to swap or purchase the token during the public presale.

Step Three: Users can trade listed tokens on the Uniswap platform.

Step Four: Users can acquire tokens on verified Big Eyes Coin social channels or communities.

The Decentralized Finance ecosystem needs a valued mission project. Firstly, the project must lead to acquiring regular wealth for users on the blockchain network. Also, it is joyous enough to impact humanity and its environment.

The Big Eyes ($BIG) ecosystem is the best place to belong. A community that safeguards other ecosystems and also supplements your investment.

Big Eyes Coin:

Presale: https://buy.bigeyes.space/ 
Website: https://bigeyes.space/ 
Telegram: https://t.me/BIGEYESOFFICIAL 

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