Why is Ethereum the Best Cryptocurrency for Online Casino Gamers?

This Indicator Predicts Probable Bearish Trend Ahead For Ethereum

Ethereum (ETH) has recently earned praise in the crypto community as “The Merge” becomes imminent along with the coin price gaining momentum, but crypto players think long term.

Despite any hiccups in the valuations, ETH has consistently been the second most popular cryptocurrency for online casino players. It is second only to Bitcoin, and this silver-medal positioning is likely only due to the sheer popularity of Bitcoin. When you place bets online, opting for Ether is one of the smartest decisions you can make.

Crypto casinos have noted a remarkably high intake of new players over the past years. This is due to both a push and pull effect. Increasing crypto values (especially the 2017 and bull run and boost during pandemic times) always brings a flock of new players. Increased fees and red tape surrounding online gambling transactions have also driven players to seek alternatives to traditional banking methods.

CryptoSlots is one of the most popular online casinos for crypto players. Manager Michael Hillary explains why they recently introduced Ethereum as a payment method:

“Of course, it’s a highly valued currency, but it is also very adaptive to technological changes, with The Merge hopefully becoming ‘greener’. We always strive to offer a gaming environment free from fraud, theft, or censorship. Our players want to make fast, secure payments, so accepting Ethereum is a natural progression for us.”

Play with Ether now:

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How Ethereum fits the bill for online gamblers

  • Speed
    Ethereum is a very viable alternative to Bitcoin for its speed alone. While Ethereum block times average in less than 15 seconds, Bitcoin’s take approximately 10 minutes. Understandably, online casino players don’t want to pause their play while waiting for transactions to appear in their cash balance.

  • Technology

The Ethereum network is a far more adaptive technology for a cryptocurrency. Especially with the planned upgrade scheduled for September 2022, this makes Ethereum a more scalable, secure, and sustainable option for everyone than Bitcoin.

  • Fees

While having suffered from high fees back in the day, Ethereum average gas fee has recently dropped down to record lows. This makes ETH a viable alternative for funding player account, although cost-savvy players may find even cheaper options, such as LTC.

  • Eco-friendly

Team behind Ethereum has been working hard toward drastically cutting down its energy consumption, aiming to achieve this by switching Ethereum from the existing Proof Of Work (PoW) system to Proof Of Stake (PoS) system. Only days ahead of the highly anticipated change one can only hope this transition would help ETH achieve better environment-friendly status.

Where to play?

Although online casinos are increasingly accepting cryptocurrencies, the large majority still stick to Bitcoin. More modern casinos, like CryptoSlots, are invested in giving their players better options.

CryptoSlots currently accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, BNB and stablecoins such as USD Coin or Tether. It is the only Ethereum casino that offers slots, Keno, and video poker games designed and developed in-house. Earlier this year, a player won a million dollars at CryptoSlots in a single spin of one slot.

CryptoSlots has dozens of Provably Fair games and allows players from the US and abroad. Crypto payments are automatically converted to US dollars for use on play.


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