Why is FTX token pumping? – a guide to the best crypto moonshots of 2023

The FTT token has been experiencing a surge in price “pumping” due to the announcement that the exchange may reopen under new leadership. FTX recently appointed a new CEO, John J. Ray III, who is reportedly considering restarting the struggling exchange, formerly run by Sam Bankman-Fried. The announcement has seen a surge in demand for FTT tokens. This demand increase emanates from the perception that reopening the exchange under new management could potentially improve its performance and increase its user base, leading to higher trading volumes and, ultimately, more demand for the FTT token.

Best Crypto Moonshots of 2023

Since Bitcoin went to the moon from $1000 to $22000 in 2017, investors are on the lookout for the next big thing in the crypto space, and there are several crypto moonshots worth considering. As the adoption of cryptocurrencies gains traction, investors are looking for moonshots on potentially high-growth investments that could yield massive returns. In 2023, the crypto market will continue its rapid growth, and investors are on the lookout for the best moonshots. Let’s explore an overview of a trending moonshot to watch in 2023, along with insights and analysis to help investors make informed decisions.

Avorak AI

Avorak AI (AVRK), with its suite of advanced offerings and record-breaking ICO, has attracted attention in the crypto space, becoming the 2023 moonshot to watch. With its first-to-market approach, Avorak deploys trade bots making waves with accurate analysis and price predictions, even in its beta testing stage. Avorak Trade can monitor markets 24/7 and handle volumes of data to present experts and novices with a clear understanding of the crypto market.

Avorak’s ICO has risen 200% to $0.180 in phase four, as early investors enjoy bonuses of 7%. AVRK will launch at $0.27, a 350% increase, and is scheduled for listing on the Azbit exchange. The moon watchers are already reading into these promising signs of the explosion, and YouTube is alive with features of this performing project.

In addition, Avorak Write has appeared on the content generation scene to remedy the inconveniences of repetitive content. Avorak Write is an easy-to-use interface available to any user and can execute commands in the preferred style and form.

What Happened To FTX Token?

FTX token crashed in 2022 as a result of insufficient liquidity and mismanagement of funds. As a consequence, nervous investors made panic withdrawals, leading to a significant drop in the value of FTT. It also dragged down other cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. The collapse of FTX also had a ripple effect on other exchanges, including BlockFi. Led by the new CEO, FTX is reviewing its available assets and exploring options to sell or restructure to fulfill its obligations to investors and repay them. News of a potential relaunch of the FTX exchange under new leadership has generated much interest and excitement, increasing the demand for the FTT token and driving up its price.

How to Short FTX Token?

To short FTX tokens, you would need an account on a cryptocurrency exchange that allows short selling. You will also need enough funds to cover the amount of FTX tokens you want to sell short, plus any fees. Monitor the price of the FTX token and decide when to close the short position. If the price decreases as expected, you can buy back the token at a lower price and profit from the difference. However, if the price increases, you may need to close the short position at a loss. As such, short selling can be risky, as cryptocurrency prices can be volatile and unpredictable. It’s prudent to use risk management strategies, such as setting stop-loss orders, to minimize potential losses.


Choosing the best crypto moonshots of 2023 involves investing in cryptocurrencies with strong fundamentals, such as a solid development team, a clear use case, and a growing community of users. All factors considered, Avorak AI fits the bill and features among the best cryptos for 2023.

Learn more on Avorak AI here:

Website: https://avorak.ai

Buy AVRK: https://invest.avorak.ai/register


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