Why Metropoly is Trending Among Real Estate Investors

Metropoly is an NFT marketplace that allows anyone – regardless of their job, income, financial background, and credit score –  to enter the real estate market. Metropoly is driven by the mission to decentralize and democratize the market, which has long been inaccessible to average people with average jobs.

Sounds too good to be true?

The Metropoly beta dashboard is already live, showing us that the mission, however ambitious, is also attainable. Here are the top reasons why Metropoly has won the heart of real estate investors. And why METRO presale is racing ahead, with $1.2M raised and counting.

Metropoly makes real estate investment possible

Most of us spend a good share of our lives paying the mortgage on our houses. So, real estate investment solely for monthly rent or value accrual is beyond our scope. We settle for stocks and cryptos that we can buy using our monthly savings. The world’s richest people, on the other hand, have a large share of their portfolio in the real estate market.

Metropoly opens up the real estate market.

The team handpicks real estate properties from around the world using their years of industry expertise. Properties that make it past the risk and profitability assessment are converted into NFTs. That enables the immutable blockchain record of data and transparent ownership. Then the tokenized real estate properties are fractionalized into pieces worth $100 or above.

The strategic approach lowers the cost of real estate investment. In other words, it makes real estate investments affordable for most people without compromising on aspects like rental income or value accrual. In essence, the assets will be a source of monthly rent like a ‘REAL’ real estate property. And the long-term value of the asset will depend on the value of the underlying property and vice versa.

You won’t run out of choices on Metropoly

You can discover a broad array of tokenized real estate assets on Metropoly’s NFT marketplace. They can belong to different categories – from beach villas to luxury apartments and penthouses. They can be from different countries and city hotspots. You can sort them based on different filters, which makes the process fast and simple.

It all boils down to the fact that Metropoly allows you to invest in a real estate property in just under a few minutes. And how long does it take us to invest in a real estate property in the traditional market? Months. Maybe years. Metropoly allows you to trade the NFT any time you want to with the tap of your finger.

Metropoly NFTs are passive investments

Metropoly NFTs make an excellent choice if you’re on the hunt for an extra stream of income that comes with little to no effort on your part.

  • The technical barrier is low You don’t need advanced technical skills to understand how the real estate market functions, unlike stock, crypto, or commodity counterparts.
  • Reliable, passive income: Metropoly NFTs live on the blockchain. They are powered by smart contracts that accrue revenue from monthly/quarterly/annual rent. When the underlying property generates income, you will get an appropriate share of it.
  • Don’t worry about dealing with banks, drafting and submitting paperwork, paying a long line-up of middlemen, finding tenants, or maintenance. The Metropoly team takes care of all the hassles.

All of these “passive” features of Metropoly NFTs enhance their appeal to the masses, who are otherwise occupied with a 9-5 job or other commitments.

Metropoly pushes the frontiers of blockchain technology

The crypto market has seen thousands of projects over the last few years. But if you take a closer look at them, you will find that most have faded into obscurity. And what is remaining is confined to a few niches in the art, collectible, and DeFi markets. Few projects make a tangible contribution as far as a layman is concerned.

This is where Metropoly stands apart. It introduces a radical solution to decentralizing the real estate market. While the vision sounds too grand to be realized, the launch of Metropoly’s beta dashboard instills faith in the project. And so does its action-packed road ahead.

Metropoly NFTs allow better portfolio diversification

Metropoly lowers the financial barrier to the real estate market, both technically and financially. But that’s not the only reason why it’s going to gain an edge against the traditional market. It also allows investors to boost their profitability through diversification, which in turn tones down the risks attached to the investment.


Don’t wait to grab your METRO

According to industry experts, METRO is the next big crypto that will acquire a $1B market cap. The token can reward early investors generously, from 3X to 5X, by the end of the second quarter. And it has the potential to go 10X-15X by the end of 2023. But with the presale moving to its last stages, you need to get your METRO early to book attractive returns.



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