Why the Bitcoin Crash Didn’t Affect the State of Bitcoin Casinos


The big cryptocurrency crash was perhaps the greatest news in the digital industry during 2018.

Following an all-time high benchmark of $19,783.06 in December of 2017, the price of bitcoin began to fall a few days later and kept on that decline at the beginning of 2018.

The value of bitcoin was just $6,000 by February and its market capitalization dipped lower than $100 billion. This was the first time since October 2017 that this happened. Although cryptocurrencies bubble has finally broken, bitcoin casinos have still been growing in popularity because of the way the digital currency is perfectly suited with the idea of gambling.

The Influence of Anonymity

It’s no mystery that certain online gambling websites are utilized for phishing personal data that’s marketed to third-party dealers. This is a huge reason why more and more people are suddenly in favor of bitcoin casinos due to the way it cuts down on the requirement of personal information for placing a simple bet.

The influence of anonymity allows gamblers to have more freedom to appreciate betting without the worry of their personal data being acquired. The only thing a gambler would need is a bitcoin wallet address and it’s in like Flynn.

The Simplicity of Transactions

A big issue that gamblers encounter when they are gambling online is the time needed for winnings or cashouts to transfer to their accounts. This issue is something that can be obliterated with bitcoin due to how quick and easy money can be transferred using digital money.

Because cryptocurrency isn’t ruled by any financial or government institution, moving your winnings from a bookmaker to an account necessitates roughly twenty minutes. Traditional payments tend to take up to a week’s time. Bitcoin also guarantees transparency in all transactions. Every factor is taken into account and assured to be as secure as can be.

The only thing you need to do is locate the best BTC casino, put your bets on the table and transfer your winnings as soon as you want. With online casinos that ask you to turn your bitcoins into their money, the assurance of a quick and pain-free process is still there because the majority of these sites use banking interfaces that do this automatically.

The Perk of Inexpensive Gambling

Although gambling online is largely associated with spending (or even misusing) money, bitcoin casinos actually help you diminish these costs substantially. Contrary to conventional betting websites that are controlled by financial groups, bitcoin casinos impose very small fees for money transfers.

When you’re looking to move money from one betting account to the other, you do not need to shell out any cash for large charges. That way you’ll be able to put your money more into the game itself instead of wasting it on exorbitant fees each time you send a money transfer request. The insignificant fees bitcoin casinos charge go straight to the miners who sustain the blockchain.

Bitcoin casinos do not place limits on withdrawals either. This is a huge negative aspect of conventional casinos.

The Joy of Endless Gambling

Bitcoin casinos provide the space for gamblers to not only use their bitcoins, but win more of them at the same time. This is particularly helpful for gamblers who reside in places that won’t permit gambling. Apart from the sites that allow bitcoins to be used as a payment method as well as fiat currency, websites are now out there that just accept cryptocurrency.

There’s also no deficiency of online bitcoin casinos, so you will be able to find a site that hosts the games you like the best. Let’s say you’re a beginner in the world of bitcoin gambling. You could start out with a game that guarantees a completely verifiable random result—CyberDice. The game is intended for those looking for a simple way to play and win bitcoins while they’re enjoying themselves.

The numerous advantages bitcoin gambling provides has made it a popular commodity for gamblers who want fresh gambling opportunities that retain the nostalgia of timeless games. Although cryptocurrency has some ground to cover in terms of recovering from the deep plummet it suffered last year, bitcoin gambling is supposedly going to continue its steady rise in 2019.

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