Why this Meme Coin Could Outshine Doge and Pepe in December

Chimpzee’s presale is nearing its end, with just under a week left in the sixteen-part journey.

Forecasts hint at a potential 30X surge for $CHMPZ, subject to broader market conditions. In this article, we will explore why Chimpzee is poised to outstrip meme coin legends like Pepe and Doge this season.

To mark the success of the presale, Chimpzee has launched bonuses and giveaways with attractive prizes up for grabs. Presale investors also get priority access to the upcoming NFT whitelist event.

A Utility-Powered Meme Coin

Although meme coins dominate the crypto market with their volatile eruptions from time to time, they often succumb to market volatility. In fact, they have shorter lifespans due to pump-and-dump schemes.

A meme coin that pumps today may get pushed back to the darkest corners of the market in a week. The future course of a meme coin is highly unpredictable. That said, their speculative potential and social euphoria, however fleeting, are unmatched.

How to strike a balance between the two?

This is where Chimpzee enters with a unique working mechanism.

Although it has meme coin traits, Chimpzee is predominantly a green token. It uses web3 functionalities and crypto incentives to introduce an innovative environmental initiative within the Web3 landscape.

There are many campaigns that address climate change. Why Chimpzee then?

To begin with, Chimpzee’s blockchain makeup makes it immune to transparency issues that often plague charity organizations. But more importantly, traditional campaigns struggle to engage audiences effectively.

Chimpzee addresses this by implementing a robust crypto rewards system. It brings both awareness and action into the picture through a three-pillared ecosystem driven by crypto incentivization.

Chimpzee’s Large Ecosystem

Chimpzee has carved a unique niche for itself in the meme coin market with its green missions. For the same reason, the token’s short-term and long-term price projections look good, rooted in highly market relevant utility.

The project has different mechanisms to incentivize user engagement and community involvement. In this section, we will look at the three primary channels used for the purpose.

Chimpzee Store: The shop-to-earn wing offers eco-conscious merchandise, allowing customers to advocate for climate action while earning reward tokens for purchases. Although the first version is live for viewing, the shop-to-earn functionality will be launched in the next updates.

Chimpzee NFT Marketplace: The trade-to-earn wing caters to active NFT traders. It utilizes a profit-sharing mechanism, and is currently under development. The release of the product is expected to result in one of the biggest surges for the native token.

The Zero Tolerance Game: The play-to-earn game centred on climate action revolves around a meme coin character that battles wildlife destruction. In addition to entertainment, it raises awareness for wildlife conservation.

As discussed above, Chimpzee rewards participants with $CHMPZ tokens. It is also used as a payment crypto in the ecosystem. Due to the two-dimensional utility, the token is bound to gain value intrinsically on the expansion of the ecosystem to a wide user base over time.

Chimpzee is now selling for discounted prices during the presale. Due to its significant potential for value appreciation from utility, crypto investors leaning toward utility tokens and sustainability communities are investing in the token presale.

It is also interesting to note that the tokens differ from conventional loyalty points in the sense that they hold inherent value. They are tradable on public crypto exchanges, as a result.

If you’re an active user of the platform, make sure you have a Chimpzee NFT Passport. They can give you exclusive privileges across these platforms, highlighting Chimpzee’s multifaceted goals beyond mere entertainment.

Slowly declining supply

Credible cryptocurrencies, especially meme coins, experience widespread traction during the initial launches. But it is followed by significant declines, especially during crypto winters and even less potent downturns.

It goes without saying that a utility ecosystem will offer resistance to these broader market whims to a great extent. Still, they can deter the token from realizing its true potential.

To counter this, Chimpzee has adopted a deflationary tokenomics model. The key element of the system is an active token burning mechanism that reduces the impact of market fluctuations.


Chimpzee has been implementing the burning mechanism right from the presale phase, strengthening the positioning of early investors. Regular token burns are implemented at key presale milestones, reinforcing the project’s value dynamics and long-term sustainability.

Chimpzee is set apart by its credibility in both the crypto and sustainability markets. It is rarely seen in the meme coin market.

For example, collaborations with prominent environmental organizations ensure that the project is trustworthy. The security evaluations safeguard the project against hacks and showcase its credibility. Chimpzee has also been garnering consistent coverage in leading crypto publications for its unique value propositions.

Verdict – Can Chimpzee outshine Pepe and Doge?

The Chimpzee presale, divided into sixteen stages, is now in the last phase, raising over $2.5M from retail and whale investors already.


Post-presale, Chimpzee will launch on the P2B crypto exchange in the first phase. It is anticipated to lead to a robust price surge upon exchange listing, outshining leading meme coins, including Pepe and Doge.

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