Why this Meme Coin Could Outshine Dogecoin and Pepe in June

The meme coin market is a wild and unpredictable frontier, where cryptocurrencies with little to no utility can experience rapid price growth, often outperforming many other coins in different sectors

This rise is fueled by the enthusiasm and collective belief of the crypto community, sometimes for no obvious reasons. In 2024 alone, we’ve witnessed the ascent of meme coins like PEPE and Dogecoin (DOGE) at different points, outperforming some top-utility projects (such as Polygon for example).

Although they have no utility, they have continued to lead in the meme ecosystem. However, there’s another contender, one that combines the allure of a meme coin with real-world utility – Shiba Shootout (SHIBASHOOT).

Shiba Shootout is looking to make an impact in the meme coin space by blending the infectious craze of memes with strong utility features. While its meme-inspired identity attracts a legion of enthusiastic supporters, the project’s use cases and passive income opportunities provide potential reasons for investors to stick around, incentivizing long-term holding.

How Does Shiba Shootout Operate?

Shiba Shootout creates an adventurous narrative akin to the crypto Wild West, where participants go on a journey that demands creativity, strategic thinking, and the charm of a cowboy’s duel.

The project navigates the vast, unpredictable terrains of crypto with the agility and wit of a Shiba Inu cowboy, engaging in high-stakes battles that promise fun and rewards.

The project features a cast of colorful characters, including Marshal Shiba, who roams the digital plains, rallying Shiba Inu supporters for the ultimate showdown, and the Shiba Sharpshooters – skilled crypto alphas and meme creators riding alongside Marshal Shiba.

The town of Shiba Gulch serves as a settlement where users gather for challenges, meme sharing, and various other activities.

Shiba Shootout’s native crypto is called SHIBASHOOT, currently selling at a discounted price of $0.0192 in the ongoing presale before the next price increase.

Utility Sets Shiba Shootout Apart

As you can figure, the project places strong emphasis on utility. Many meme coins often lack real-world use cases, which can affect their long-term sustainability and price stability.

However, Shiba Shootout is changing the game by introducing various utility ideas for its users.

The crypto project offers activities designed to improve and empower its community.

For instance, “Campfire Stories” allows users to share their crypto and meme coin experiences in a casual storytelling format. Additionally, “Token Governance Roundups” let participants cast votes on key project decisions, mimicking the participatory nature of a Wild West town citizenry.

Moreover, Shiba Shootout provides opportunities for users to earn passive income and bonuses through features such as the “Posse Rewards” referral program, which allows users to invite friends to the community and earn bonus tokens for themselves and their referrals.

The “Lucky Lasso Lottery” system enables participants to use Shiba Showdown tokens for a chance to win big crypto prizes, with a portion supporting charitable initiatives.


The “Savings Saddlebags” feature enables users to automatically allocate a percentage of their tokens to a dedicated wallet, locked for a specific period and earning extra tokens as rewards.

Additionally, the “Cactus Staking” system allows users to stake their Shiba Showdown tokens on a digital cactus in desert, with longer staking periods yielding greater token accumulation, visually representing growing rewards (per project’s website, rewards are over 2,500%).

This way, the project can create a sustainable ecosystem that supports its meme coin identity while offering utility.

The Project Roadmap Is Clear

Maintaining transparency and keeping the community informed about the project’s growth is crucial for building trust and fostering a healthy ecosystem. Shiba Shootout has outlined a clear roadmap to help the community track its progress and milestones.

The first phase includes the launch, listings on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap, and attracting over 1,000 holders, with the goal of getting $SHOOTOUT trending on Twitter using the project’s memetic power.

The second phase aims to reach 5,000+ holders, launch the $SHOOTOUT Times digital newsletter, create a token-gated Discord group for holders, and secure listings on centralized exchanges (CEXs) with over 10,000 holders.

The third phase promises $SHOOTOUT merchandise, the $SHOOTOUT Academy, $SHOOTOUT Tools, Tier 1 exchange listings, and a targeted 100,000+ holders, culminating in what the project calls a “Blockchain Takeover.”

Providing a clear roadmap markets Shiba Shootout’s commitment to transparency and helps the community track the project’s growth, of course.

Marketing and Strategic Allocations

Shiba Shootout’s ongoing effort aims to increase awareness and gather a large community before its eventual launch. The project has already started attracting funds from early supporters who have recognized its utility and value from the onset, with a steadily growing community.

The project’s tokenomics include strategic allocations that are attracting more users:

  • Presale: 35% of the total supply, or 770 million $SHIBASHOOT tokens, is dedicated to the presale, offering early settlers the opportunity to secure tokens at a discounted price.
  • Marketing: 20% of the supply, or 440 million $SHIBASHOOT tokens, is earmarked for marketing efforts, ensuring that the project gains popularity quickly.
  • Liquidity: 10% of the supply, or 220 million $SHIBASHOOT tokens, is dedicated to liquidity, ensuring a smooth journey through the crypto frontier.

Consider the example of PEPE meme coin: if you had bought PEPE at its June 2023 lows of around $0.0000008 and held it until the most recent all-time high of approximately $0.0000172, you would have realized more than a 2000% price increase on your investment.

While conducting your research before investing in any token, identifying tokens with high-profit potential is crucial. SHIBASHOOT could be one such opportunity. Only time will tell though.

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