Will Chainlink Surpass $10 This Year? Tradecurve, Ethereum Remain Trader Favourites

Chainlink (LINK) has been ranging under $10 for over one year now, but analysts are now predicting that this price level will finally be breached. Elsewhere, Tradecurve (TCRV) and Ethereum (ETH) remain investor favorites as prices push higher, with Tradecurve leading the way after investors buy 40 million tokens during this presale phase. Let’s take a closer look at the potential for these cryptocurrencies to grow in 2023.


Tradecurve – The Future of Crypto Trading?

Unlike most trading platforms that require intrusive KYC checks and complicated user onboarding processes, Tradecurve allows users to set up an account using just an email and a DeFi wallet. Tradecurve’s approach ensures user anonymity and a seamless trading experience across global markets.

Moreover, Tradecurve is much more than a standard trading platform. It offers unique features, such as copy trading, AI tools to automate trading strategies, and even a Metaverse-based training academy to help Tradecurve users become better traders.

The TCRV token, native to the Tradecurve platform, adds an extra layer of utility to the platform. By holding TCRV tokens, users benefit from reduced fees, passive income rewards, and more. This has fueled significant demand for TCRV tokens during the Tradecurve presale, with over 50 million tokens sold during phase four alone.

Market analysts predict that Tradecurve could replicate Binance’s phenomenal growth from a mere $0.11 during its ICO to over $300 in recent times. With Tradecurve bringing even more innovation to the table, there is a strong case for TCRV to hit $1.00 in 2023.


Will Chainlink (LINK) Surpass $10 This Year?

Chainlink (LINK) was a standout performer in the crypto markets during the 2020/21 bull run, with prices rising from around $2.25 to over $50 at the peak. The remarkable performance followed an increased interest in decentralized finance and the growing demand for Chainlink (LINK)’s oracle services.

Post this impressive peak, however, Chainlink (LINK) experienced a period of market correction, with its current trading value standing around $6.40. The bear market can be blamed for most of this Chainlink (LINK) pullback, but the lack of adoption also played a role.

Chainlink (LINK) seems to be turning a corner in this regard, with Swift now using Chainlink (LINK) to connect multiple blockchains in the financial industry. This is a huge milestone for the project, and could potentially lead to increased adoption of Chainlink (LINK) services.

Given this backdrop, market pundits are already predicting that Chainlink (LINK) will successfully pierce the longstanding $10 resistance level. Such a long-term break out could push Chainlink (LINK) to new highs this year, potentially even reaching a price of $25.

Ethereum (ETH) ETF Incoming?

The ripple effects of the Bitcoin (BTC) ETF announcement have permeated the entire crypto market, with Ethereum (ETH), the leading layer-1 blockchain project, leaping from $1.6K to a recent high of $1.9K within a matter of days.

As institutional investors delve into Bitcoin (BTC), it is likely they’ll turn their attention to other legacy cryptos such as Ethereum (ETH). With more than $26 billion locked in the Ethereum (ETH) ecosystem, the leading layer-1 blockchain project appears to be a safe bet for large investors.

With the prospect of a Bitcoin (BTC) ETF nearing reality, market analysts are now keenly watching for signs of a potential Ethereum (ETH) ETF from Blackrock. The global asset manager might follow in the footsteps of HSBC, which recently received approval in Hong Kong to launch the world’s first Ethereum (ETH) ETF.

The charts reveal that the $1,920 area is strong resistance for Ethereum (ETH) bulls. The current price of $1,909 shows that Ethereum (ETH) is near to breaking out of the resistance. A successful break would propel Ethereum (ETH) up to $2,120 in a matter of days.

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