With Axie Infinity and Voxies struggling to maintain consumer interest, DigiToads sets out to revive Play To Earn Cryptos.

Play-to-earn (P2E) platforms have led to a rise in crypto adoption on a global scale. People no longer view playing games as a way to pass the time and instead pursue blockchain games as a serious sport, all thanks to the exciting rewards and prizes that these platforms offer to winners. As P2E gained traction, many platforms like Axie Infinity and Voxies cashed in on the rising interest. They had a good run but are now struggling to retain consumer interest as more innovative platforms take the lead. Take the example DigiToads, which is among the new play-to-earn platforms that are being considered the best altcoins for 2023.

The Ethereum-powered platform doubles up as a meme coin and a play-to-earn platform where users get multiple opportunities to earn rewards and cryptocurrencies. Its governance structure is based on the decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) model, and it adopts a consumer-centric approach for its operational management.

The best of both worlds

As a cryptocurrency for beginners, DigiToads hits the nail on the head with its functionality. A meme coin that is also a play-to-earn platform means that users won’t run out of options for earning passive income. With DigiToads, they can do so by either participating in its Web 3.0 game or by staking non-fungible tokens or rewards and even participating in trading competitions organized by the platform.

The platform has also launched a native token called TOAD which will be available for purchase through a 10-stage presale process. A distinctive factor about the TOAD cryptocurrency is that it’s a deflationary cryptocurrency, meaning its tokens are burnt at regular intervals to keep their supply limited. A scarce supply helps in curbing price fluctuations and the value of the token stable.

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A game with many winners

Talking about the platform’s P2E vertical, players can look forward to having a gala time while earning exciting rewards and crypto tokens. To begin with, players will have to get their hands on a digital creature called ‘DigiToad’ either by purchasing them or winning them, or trading them. Now, each of these DigiToads possesses a unique set of characteristics like strength or special abilities which can give the player an edge in the game. Players can also buy food, potions, and training equipment to ramp up their DigiToad skills. These items will be bought with TOAD Tokens, and 50% of the proceeds from the sales will go to maintaining the treasury pool. The players must battle their DigiToad with others in a virtual swamp arena.

Once the month-long DigiToads season ends, the top 25% of the players are rewarded with TOAD Tokens. The move ensures that there are always ample funds in the treasury pool and that all community members are amply rewarded for their efforts. With masterstrokes like these, no wonder DigiToads is being touted as among the best crypto for beginners.

With DigiToads, you can also stake NFTs, and your rewards will be directly proportional to the time the asset is held. The platform sets aside 2% of all TOAD transactions for the staking pool to ensure community members are always incentivized.

If you are looking for more reasons why DigiToads is being considered among the top crypto to buy, here’s another one. The platform organizes trading competitions every month. In these competitions, the trader with the highest trading volume in a month is rewarded with Platinum Toads. With a Platinum Toad, a user becomes eligible for remote access to 1/12th of the treasury fund. The winners also get 10% of the profits they bring in as an incentive for expanding the treasury size.

There is also a rewards system for simply holding TOAD tokens. Token holders will receive monthly rewards from the prize pool. 10% of the funds raised by DigiToads will be distributed among token holders as rewards.

DigiToads will be setting aside 2.5% of its profits for donations to charities involved in replanting trees and rainforest preservation.

What experts are saying

What makes DigiToads an ideal cryptocurrency for beginners is how it balances functionality with versatility. The crypto experts who have reviewed it are giving it a thumbs up because of a dynamic economic model that puts the community at the center. Considering its growing popularity, analysts believe it also has the potential to cross even 100x returns over time.


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