WITHUS GOLDIA TOKEN (WGDT) Is Now Available for Trading on LBank Exchange

INTERNET CITY, DUBAI, Jan 3, 2023 – LBank Exchange, a global digital asset trading platform, has listed WITHUS GOLDIA TOKEN (WGDT) on January 1, 2023. For all users of LBank Exchange, the WGDT/USDT trading pair is now officially available for trading.

As a Saint Vincent Grenadine-based startup, WITHUS is here to expand the function of WITHUS GOLDIA TOKEN (WGDT)  as a key currency through greater solidarity with potential NFT partners for the infinite expansion of the metaverse ecosystem. The WGDT token has been listed on LBank Exchange at 8:00 UTC on January 1, 2023, to further expand its global reach and help it achieve its vision.

Introducing WITHUS

WITHUS NETWORK LLC is a Saint Vincent Grenadine-based startup with a revolutionary mission to build a strong network of major 4 NFT publishers all under one umbrella, or WGDT that will be used as a key currency for WITHUS PARTNERS’ NFT holders. The biggest problem that most blockchain and digital asset companies face include fraud and cybersecurity. With the aim of actively overcoming this problem, WITHUS will separately carry out profit businesses such as gold mine development and diamond sales, etc.

WITHUS makes its first start with major 4 partners, including STUDIO OJCAT, NEWMEON, XTRA GATE and HMI-SA, which have laid the foundation for the WITHUS ecosystem. Its partners are all made up of companies with real assets in order to increase the safety and reliability of highly volatile virtual assets. After listing on a few virtual asset exchanges, it plans to increase the scalability and utility of WGDT token by continuously recruiting partners that meet the goal of WITHUS.

Furthermore, WITHUS builds its Metaverse ecosystem in the K-VERSE, Korea Complex Cultural Space, which has been launched in the SANDBOX as a joint project between Cube Entertainment and Animoca Brands. Users will also be able to purchase NFT collectibles curated with its partners and even display and resell them on this platform. Through the capabilities and scalabilities of its partners in the K-VERSE, WITHUS will maximize the use of various NFTs and WGDT tokens for WITHUS users.

The vision of WITHUS is to expand the function of WGDT as a key currency through greater solidarity with potential NFT partners for the infinite expansion of the metaverse ecosystem, and to become a cryptocurrency with the world’s most trusted secure decentralized mainnet.

About WGDT Token

WGDT is a digital token native to the WITHUS ecosystem. It’s the world’s first NFT extensible metaverse utility token based on its token platform and aims for an uninterrupted circulation algorithm. WGDT holders will be able to participate in WITHUS Partners diverse NFT programs where they can earn WGDT tokens as a reward on a daily basis for 10 years whenever each NFT is minted to WGDT holders and new participants.

Furthermore, users can use WGDT to redeem limited edition NFT products and gain access to exclusive experiences in the K-VERSE. Simply put, WGDT provides holders with WITHUS ecosystem benefits and enables attractive opportunities, innovative products and services in the digital asset space.

Based on Polygon network, WGDT has a total of 100 billion (i.e., 100,000,000,000) tokens, of which 3% will be in circulation by the second quarter of 2023. It has been listed on LBank Exchange at 8:00 UTC on January 1, 2023, investors who are interested in the WITHUS investment can easily buy and sell WGDT token on LBank Exchange right now. The listing of WGDT token on LBank Exchange will undoubtedly help it further expand its business and draw more attention in the market.

Learn More about WGDT Token:

Official Website: https://www.withusnetwork.io

Telegram: https://t.me/wgd_official
Discord: https://discord.gg/MTJRrQmWDx
Twitter: https://twitter.com/official_WGD

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