Xircus Offers Advanced Solutions To Create NFT Marketplace, Grabs Attention Of Leading Institutional Investors

NFT sales continue to hit new records with increased investor confidence in the markets. The value-based utility that comes along with the technology makes NFTs one of the most practical applications of blockchain technology. However, the mainstream adoption of NFTs is slow. The centralised NFT marketplaces not only make it technically challenging but also highly expensive for creators and brands to leverage NFTs. Xircus, a blockchain startup has come up with an advanced solution that allows anyone to create a custom NFT marketplace and launch their own NFT tokens using the pre-built Xircus deployer studio.

Leveraging the Xircus platform, creators can simply design and launch their own NFT marketplace and connect with global buyers. All they need to do is get registered on the platform, follow simple steps, choose a blockchain network of their choice and launch their NFT marketplace within minutes. Xircus has been gaining traction amongst NFT enthusiasts and even seasoned players. Experts say it can be a game-changer, and it challenges the fundamentals of the dominant conventional NFT marketplaces.

With the Xircus presale round due on October 19th, the project seems to have grabbed the eyeballs of both private and institutional investors. Commenting on the prospects, Co-founder Falco Pangkey said: “Moving forward, we are at advanced level talks with some private and institutional investors. I am also thrilled to announce that we have also been communicating with Sequoia Capital, and they have demonstrated their keen interest in the project. Sequoia Capital has previously funded giants Apple, Youtube, Airbnb.”

Commenting on the developments, Co-founder Michael Molina explained: “We are releasing 2 NFT marketplaces as well. The first is for our pioneer NFT marketplace showcasing crypto arts. The second is Xircus Elite Club NFT marketplace similar to BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club), where NFT holders will have exclusive access to future products, opportunities and more. All will be deployed through Xircus Deployer Studio.”

Xircus is designed to offer dedicated solutions enabling creators from across the spectrum to launch their unique NFT marketplace at zero cost. To make NFTs more practical and accessible for brands, artists, event organizers, record labels and design houses among others, Xircus offers custom marketplace creation tools. The platform also provides creators with advanced analytics to help them grow and tap into new markets.

Currently, for creators, the conventional NFT marketplaces drain the profits from NFT sales. More importantly, for creators with not so deep pockets, the options to create NFT marketplace are very limited – all of them involve huge costs. Xircus claims to have created the most intuitive marketplace deployer studio that offers the easiest and the most cost-effective solution to create an NFT marketplace and sell NFT tokens to global buyers.

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