XRP Holders In Disbelief As OCTO Buyers Get 180% APY Even Before Launch

Octoblock’s DeFi package is full of surprises as its APY rate unfolds at approximately 185.5% during ICO phase three. As presale picks momentum, Octoblock (OCTO) promises a new DeFi revolution that will unfold more surprises leaving many XRP holders in disbelief.

XRP News

XRP news is focused on the upcoming rulings on the XRP lawsuit, causing uncertainty and causing fluctuations in the XRP price. As the crypto market awaits the verdict, many hope that the outcome will once and for all provide clarity about how to regulate digital currencies. Once they are eventually clarified, the crypto market, especially the new players like Octoblock will find a clear regulatory framework. Despite the three-year court drama, Ripple pursues its international payments settlement system. As XRP struggles to maintain a price floor, it is no wonder investors are pivoting to new Decentralized Financial assets.

Octoblock (OCTO): Leading New DeFi Projects

Octoblock leads the surge in new DeFi products by combining DeFi and Game Fi principles to achieve profitability and environmental conservation. OCTO has designed initiatives working individually or in collaboration for the platform’s sustainability.

The Nautilus Trove initiative generates funds and feeds the rest with appropriate allocations. The Trove utilizes numerous DeFi projects, including Beefy Finance, to generate profits through stocks, farming, and ICO staking investments. When it achieves profitability, it apportions funds to investors, contributors, charities, reward pools, and reinvestments in projects that would help the project maintain liquidity.

The Tentacle Trust receives funding from the Nautilus Trove and appraises the deserving charities. It collaborates with Tesla in carbon minimization efforts and has put in place a Tesla Giveaway draw. A randomly picked ICO holder will drive home the New 2024 Tesla. The Tentacle Trust allows investors to identify a charity organization to fund and a selection panel picks one through a vote.

The OCTO platform also runs a Saltwater sweepstake which allocates rewards to deserving holders at snapshot time. Entry into the draw is through token purchase during the ICO, currently in phase three at $0.037, with accompanying perks, including a 13% bonus, ICO staking with high APY (currently at 185.5%), and entry to giveaways. The platform urges investors to have designated wallet addresses for reward distribution. The Octoblock website regularly displays the current rewards APY to maintain transparency and enable investors to make prudent decisions.

Octoblock has more surprises for investors through the Crowd Funded Yield Farming (cFyF) approach. cFyF will be the ultimate vehicle for high-yield farming returns, voting rights, and airdrop access. The concept pools members into collaborative groups with profitability as their main objective.

Octoblock pursues cross-chain support for hundreds of digital assets through the Coral Cove DEX. The platform provides a convenient way to convert or transition from one currency to the other and supports over 20 blockchain networks.

Find more information here:

Buy OCTO: https://reef.octoblock.io/register

Website: https://octoblock.io/

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