XRP Ledger Gets Massive Update, $XRP Pinned Below $0.55 As $QUBE Bulls Aim for $1

In the fast-paced world of investors and traders looking for the best cryptocurrency to invest in, developments and market movements are always a topic of great interest. The XRP Ledger, overseen by RippleX, recently made headlines with a significant update. Meanwhile, $XRP – the native cryptocurrency of the Ripple network – continues to trade below the $0.55 mark amidst a legal battle with the SEC. But there’s more to this story. Enter InQubeta ($QUBE), a rising star in the cryptocurrency ecosystem with its sights set on reaching $1. Let’s delve into these exciting developments.

XRP Ledger Gets a Major Boost

RippleX, the dedicated team behind the XRP Ledger, recently announced that they have released XRP Ledger (rippled server) version 1.12.0, signifying a major upgrade in the ecosystem. Server operators have been urged to swiftly upgrade to this latest version by September 20, 2023. This is to ensure the continuity of services and the ability to participate in crucial voting processes for new amendments, such as XLS-30.

The latest version introduces many new features and fixes. It also brings three new amendments: AMM, Clawback, and fixReducedOffersV1. These amendments are now open for voting, allowing for protocol changes if they receive more than 80% validator support over two weeks.

The AMM amendment is particularly exciting as it introduces the DeFi automated market maker (AMM) protocol to the XRP Ledger. This addition enables users to trade assets without needing a traditional counterparty. The clawback amendment introduces the “Allow Clawback” feature, allowing token issuers to recover previously issued tokens. Lastly, “fixReducedOffersV1” aims to reduce the occurrence of order books being blocked by reduced offers.

$XRP Pinned Below $0.55

As Ripple’s legal battle with the SEC unfolds, the $XRP token is experiencing twists and turns. Despite the uncertainty surrounding the lawsuit, recent actions by Ripple have sparked trading activity and brought about significant movements in the $XRP market. Additionally, the outflow of $XRP from exchanges suggests a potential bullish comeback, with seasoned and beginner cryptocurrency traders hoping to push past the $0.55 resistance level.

$XRP has been consolidating recently, especially as the SEC decided to delay rulings on several exchange-traded funds (ETFs) until October. However, even during this consolidation phase, $XRP has shown remarkable trading activity compared to other top altcoins. It boasted an average transaction volume of $462 million in August, surpassing top crypto coins like Solana ($SOL) and Binance Coin ($BNB).

A notable surge in $XRP’s whale activity has also been observed, with a substantial amount of $XRP being withdrawn from Binance and transferred to an undisclosed location. Historically, such large withdrawals by major holders, or “whales,” have often signaled a bullish outlook for the asset.

While $XRP currently trades around $0.50, it faces resistance levels at $0.51 and $0.55. Bulls are attempting to break through these barriers, but the bears are fighting strongly. If $XRP struggles to stay above the $0.50 to $0.48 altcoin price range, it could drop to $0.44. However, a reversal above the 50-day exponential moving average (EMA) at $0.51 could signal a bullish recovery, with the potential to reach $0.61.

InQubeta ($QUBE) Bulls Aim For $1

Aside from the developments with the XRP Ledger and the $XRP token, the crypto community is also keeping a close eye on one cryptocurrency.

InQubeta ($QUBE) has quickly become a top crypto to invest in, attracting investor attention due to its innovative concept, real-world utility, and impressive growth potential. The project has garnered strong support from the crypto community, with over $3 million raised and more than 350 million tokens sold so far in its ongoing presale.

At its core, InQubeta ($QUBE) represents the intersection of blockchain and AI, introducing a groundbreaking fundraising concept to the AI industry. The project aims to create the world’s first platform that enables AI startups to secure funding in the form of cryptocurrency. They can tap the thriving crypto community and utilize the power of blockchain to obtain the capital necessary to take their projects to the next level.

An NFT marketplace and the $QUBE ERC20 coins are central to the InQubeta ecosystem. AI startups can tokenize investment opportunities as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and list these on the marketplace. Platform users with $QUBE tokens can then purchase equity-based NFTs that represent stakes in their chosen startups. This novel approach gives investors partial ownership of potentially profitable real-world AI investments, making InQubeta ($QUBE) one of the top DeFi projects to keep an eye on this year.

The presale is in its fourth stage, with tokens priced at $0.0133 each. It’s worth noting that $QUBE has been gaining significant attention on social media platforms, particularly on Twitter, where its growing community of enthusiastic supporters and top ICO investors actively discusses the project’s potential. Analysts are bullish on the token and believe that it could rally by 20x in 2023, making it an attractive prospect for investors looking to participate in this unique and potentially lucrative venture.


The cryptocurrency landscape continues to evolve, with the XRP Ledger receiving a substantial update and $XRP aiming to break free from its $0.55 shackles. Amidst this backdrop, InQubeta ($QUBE) stands out as a promising project with the potential to disrupt the AI fundraising landscape. Its native currency, $QUBE, is emerging as one of the best altcoins to invest in because it’s likely to reach the coveted $1 mark given its presale success and the growing support for its innovative platform.

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