XWIN CryptoBet Knows the Way to Successful Blockchain-Based Business


In the perfect bookmaking world, after placing the bet online, both better and bookmaker do not know each other. Within seconds, the bet amount is verified, the provenance of the registers becomes known to all parties. Since the bet is stored in the system, it is automatically insured against non-payment, rates exchange, foul play, platform malfunction etc. The smart contract reserves the amount that can be necessary for any wager outcome. This amount is automatically paid out after getting the results.

But there is no limit to perfection!

Let us introduce XWIN – a fully transparent based on Ethereum revenue sharing platform for betting on sports and other events. Created by the team of real professionals, XWIN is meant to improve the procedure of online sports betting.

With the Ethereum blockchain technology, the registration and cross-border operations are completely simplified and absolutely secure. XWIN platform provides its customers with the full absence of infrastructure risks that can be caused by problems with the Internet connection or equipment failures. The players of XWIN are able to monitor and control the transactions on their accounts.

The XWIN smart contract is responsible for betting and bet compliance. The smart contract is based on the ERC20 protocol. It distributes 100% of profit between the token holders generating a guaranteed income. What is more, the function of XWIN smart contract is bet registering, prescribing its conditions to the system, monitoring and completing all transfers, performing the terms of the agreement in spite of any parties’ preferences.

The smart contract is based on Blockchain technology, and it cannot be altered. It means that no single party can decide to change it. A smart contract can only be discontinued or altered when all parties agree.

With XWIN smart contract, the agreement conditions are autonomously and independently fulfilled. Obviously, the security of contracts, their transparency is a fundamental goal in XWIN project policy.

In general, XWIN CryptoBet is one of the first online betting platforms and the best alternative to the old ways of betting on sports. XWIN ICO is your chance to take participation in the future leading crypto-betting platform and get 20% of platforms revenue effortless. With ICO, the most business successful and investment attractive way of gaining money, you will be a number one in the crypto bookmaking industry.

Although the official ICO campaign started on 1st of January, the project has already gained its first $3 million income. In 2018 about 9600 betting lovers have a desire to make betting on sports with help of XWIN platform.

Another thing that stands out on XWIN is its team.

XWIN founder and CEO, Artyom Baikov, has always been a leader in the business world. He has been developing the B2C applications for different businesses for five years. Atryom became a finalist of the most prestigious “Business success” contest in the nomination of “The best project in the field of trade/services” putting his impact on the refining Russian online consumer services. The contest is the most important ripe area for young Russian entrepreneurs. It is conducted by the all-Russian public organization of small and medium-sized businesses “Opora Rossii” (“Russia’s Mainstay”).

The joint owner of XWIN project, Vladimir Kiryanov, is another creator of XWIN project. Today he is responsible for business development, positioning, and brand promotion. Vladimir has good skills in strategic partnerships, the skills of structuring transactions and licensing. When XWIN was in its first stages, Vladimir’ proficiency of conflicts resolution was more than useful.

Artyom Baikov and Vladimir Kiryanov are financiers and online entrepreneur experienced in risk management, cybersecurity, and financial planning.  Being passionate about XWIN project, the two strategists built the processes within the XWIN ecosystem for quicker and qualitative project development and promotion.  Of course, it took many years to build and develop the worthy team in order to give a birth to an ERC20-based XWIN token and provide farther work continuation.  And when the ICO was finally launched, the early participants invested in a fully functional and highly auspicious business.

Media Contact: support@xwin.io

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