Yachtify (YCHT) To Do Better Than Ethereum (ETH) and Pepe coin (PEPE): Here’s Why

Although over 23,500 cryptocurrency projects have been created, not all of them are equally valuable or promising. Only a small portion of the enormous number of projects fall into this category, and typically usefulness is what drives a project to become a big-cap currency. One of the most intriguing pre-sale projects is Yachtify, which stands out as one of the most promising initiatives in an ecosystem of cryptocurrencies. It is predicted to grow more quickly and perform better than well-known projects like Ethereum (ETH) and Pepe coin (PEPE).

Yachtify (YCHT): A Distinctive Investment Platform

With Yachtify, investors now have a new opportunity to invest in a future virtual currency. Investors keeping a close eye on the Yachtify presale are those seeking a novel and cutting-edge approach to cryptocurrency investment.

Yachtify intends to give users full access to rent, sell, and buy any sort of boat on the blockchain. A share of the platform’s revenue will go to the users. We believe that this might be a fantastic opportunity to invest in a future blue-chip cryptocurrency at a very cheap cost.

Yachtify has completed its audit with SolidProof Network as well as its KYC, and its liquidity will be locked for life.

At stage one of its presale, the Yachtify token (YCHT) is going for just $0.1 per YCHT. Yachtify offers investors a more environmentally friendly option because it is designed to be more scalable and energy-efficient than other cryptocurrencies.

Ethereum (ETH) Causes Traders and Investors To Worry With High Gas Fees

The Ethereum (ETH) blockchain network is currently creating great concern among traders, as the phenomenon of skyrocketing gas prices appears to be returning. One trader paid up to 64 Ethereum (ETH) in fees for a single transaction, which was valued at roughly $118,600 at the time of writing, according to a shared insight from crypto analytics service provider WhaleAlert.

The high gas fee on the Ethereum (ETH) network is nothing new, but they happen far less frequently now that the network has moved from the proof-of-work (PoW) protocol to the proof-of-stake (PoS) protocol via The Merge. The large gas tax was one of the primary reasons for upgrading the protocol to PoS, even if it wasn’t directly advantageous. The argument is that by switching the transaction validation process, the Ethereum (ETH) network may be successfully decongested.

Given the current high costs of gas fees of Ethereum (ETH), the opposite seems to be true. The weekend network slowdown may have been brought on by the significant meme money hype that prompted considerable network traffic.


Pepe Coin (PEPE) Has Dipped 50% From All-Time High

The price of the Pepe coin (PEPE) token, which gained popularity on the cryptocurrency market recently, has already decreased by 50% from its high levels. Although the meme coin was recently launched, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced the listing of Pepe coin (PEPE) on Friday. Since then, the cost of Pepe coin (PEPE) has rapidly climbed from $0.0000044 to $0.0000022.

More unexpectedly, some individuals chose to buy, anticipating a price increase of 140% from Pepe coin (PEPE) on the day of listing. This move’s origins in what is usually referred to as “smart money” wallets are particularly shocking.

962.3 billion Pepe coin (PEPE) were acquired on Friday for 70 WBTC and 470 ETH, with an average purchase price of $0.000003122, according to Lookonchain, bringing the total transaction value to $3 million. However, at the current price, his Pepe coin (PEPE) portfolio could only be worth $2.14 million. Although the whale may have intended to buy at the drop, he ended up getting dipped as well.

Not only this one whale’s action prompts concerns about the rationality of the smart money’s trades at this juncture in the market. According to recent data from Lookonchain, many people still own millions of dollars in Pepe coin (PEPE), and if anyone decides to sell their shares, it will likely be to buy another meme coin.

To learn more about Yachtify, visit;

Join Presale: https://buy.yachtify.market

Website: https://yachtify.market

Telegram: https://t.me/yachtify

Twitter: https://twitter.com/yachtify_market

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