300 Token Finishes Successful ICO, Keeps Its Promise to the Investors

The cryptocurrency revolution has introduced a disruptive method of fundraising in the form of Initial Coin/Token Offering (ICO or ITO). The ICOs, in many cases, have been more efficient than conventional fundraising methods like the angel or VC investments.

In the recent months, there have been highly successful ICOs that raised hundreds of millions of dollars. However, not all the cryptocurrency crowdsales aim to raise a huge sum of money. 300 Token is one such cryptocurrency that recently raised 63 ETH, as a part of its successful crowdsale.

The aim of the ICO is to allow people to buy into the unique token, with a maximum cap of 300 and use the proceeds to get the minimum required infrastructure in place to turn the tokens into high-value digital assets. The creators of 300 Token had long decided to use the funds to list the new token on cryptocurrency exchange platforms, build a new website and run PR campaign.

According to the estimates offered by 300 Tokens before the launch of the ICO, listing on exchanges would cost a bit more than half of the total funds raised. The token is already listed on Cryptopia exchange platform, where those who are interested can trade it against Bitcoin.

Named in honor of the three hundred brave Spartan warriors who participated in the Battle of Thermopylae, the token takes pride for being one of the first cryptocurrencies to be created using Minereum service. The platform advises the token holders to hold on to the cryptocurrency and watch its price rise exponentially as demand grows. The very limited supply of 300 Token, not only makes it a rare crypto-asset, but it also acts as a proof of concept for the creators of Minereum.

The 300 Token cryptocurrency — an Ethereum ERC20 was included to Cryptopia on July 23, 2017. The platform is in the process of contacting other exchange platforms to get the tokens listed on them, and a spike in interest in the cryptocurrency might lead to many of these exchange platforms list the cryptocurrency among their supported currencies in no time. Eventually, wallet providers could extend support for the new “Spartan” token.

There is no “Fear, Uncertainty or Doubt” in the 300 Token community. Most of the token holders are expected to continue holding it as they find the outlook promising for a token with very limited supply.

There are possibilities of a huge appreciation in the value of 300 Token, but to what extent, only time will tell.

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A new cryptocurrency is set to hit the market soon but in a limited number. It is created and named in honor of the three hundred Spartan warriors who were part of the Battle of Thermopylae. Staying true to the name, the supply is limited only to 300 tokens, most of which will soon be offered in an ICO.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, the 300 Token is unique as it is the first one to be created using the Minereum Token Service. The 300 Token, like many other popular Ethereum based cryptotokens of the time, is ERC20 compatible.

The creators of 300 Token, do not intend to create an entire cryptocurrency ecosystem around it. Instead, they just plan to create enough hype to showcase the cryptocurrency’s and Minereum Token Service’s capabilities.

Out of the 300 tokens, the platform has made 70% of tokens, that’s 210 coins up for sale on the ICO. And the rest 90 tokens will be held on to by the 300 Token team. With the successful ICO, the platform will end up raising 63 ETH, approximately 7.5 BTC. The funds will be utilized to list the token on different cryptocurrency exchange platforms, which could cost up to 4 BTC and the rest to build a website, pay bounties to the community and gain media exposure.

Minereum is the first self-mining contract that enables people to create their own Ethereum based tokens in an easy and cost-efficient way. The cryptocurrency’s BitcoinTalk page states,

“The only reason why we are doing an ICO is to raise funds to list on exchanges, make website, PR, bounties, etc.”

The BitcoinTalk page also includes detailed instructions for participation in the ICO. Those interested in becoming part of the ICO can do so by sending the ether tokens to the smart contract mentioned on the page.

Given the limited number of tokens, and the platform’s already expressed interest to list it on multiple exchanges, the value of 300 Token is expected to grow rapidly.

Ref & Image: Bitcointalk Page