ICOBox Launches a Token Store

ICOBox, the world’s leading provider of SaaS ICO solutions, has just announced the upcoming launch of its Token Store. The Store will open the week of December 18, 2017 and will be a marketplace where the tokens of a wide range of interesting ICO projects will be available for sale at a 30-75% discount. The new Store will have no entry threshold, so users will be able to buy as many or as few tokens as they would like, at attractive prices.

“We wanted to dramatically expand the token holder community’s access to high-quality tokens,” says Nick Evdokimov, ICOBox Co-Founder. “We will be conducting an even more in-depth selection of ICO projects to be admitted to our Store, looking at, among other things, whether their ICO is progressing smoothly and is positioned to accomplish their stated financial goals (for instance, having already reached soft cap goals), and whether they use escrow services in which funds are kept for no less than two months, pending ICO completion. We are offering the token holder community increased peace of mind and curated choices,” he concludes.

Technically, this is how the process will look. Participants will register on the new secure Token Store platform using their ICOS token ID. They will then deposit funds into their accounts in the cryptocurrency of their choice (presently, there are ICOS/BTC/ETH payment options), wait until their desired tokens are available, and thereafter complete the exchange. The newly acquired tokens can be withdrawn from the platform, subject to a KYC (Know Your Customer) verification procedure – by providing their full legal names, addresses and copies of official government-issued identification documents – a standard procedure required by law.

New ICO projects interested in selling tokens via the Token Store will offer their tokens at a fixed rate. Tokens will be listed for one month. Any tokens that are not sold during that time will be returned to their issuer. ICO projects may offer several levels of discounts. The highest discount will require buyers to be vested in the newly acquired tokens – via a 24-hour limit on withdrawing the tokens from the platform.

ICOBox is hopeful that both the token holder community and the ICO projects will find this new opportunity exciting and mutually beneficial.

ICOBox was founded in July 2017 to provide ICO solutions to a wide range of new and existing blockchain-based projects. Having collected 4,000 BTC via its own ICO, the company has been organizing ICOs ever since. As of today, ICOBox has helped its clients collect over $200 million to launch their innovative products and services.

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ICOBox, the platform that facilitates ICOs and crowdsales has announced the launch of its own initial coin offering. The upcoming ICO will follow the presale which went live on August 9, 2017. The presale of ICOS tokens will continue till August 15, 2017, where future token holders can avail early bird discounts on the token purchase. ICOBox offers a suite of services, much needed for today’s cryptocurrency industry, in particular for the projects that are trying to sell products and services over the ICO route. The package includes technical, legal and marketing services; all offered at a flat fee. The ICOBox crowdsale will go on for a period of 32 days, and backers  of the platform will get to be part of the platform’s activities including the right to vote in selecting pre-screened ICOs and gain access to their tokens at fixed discount slabs that can go as high as 75%. In the recent press statement, the co-founder of ICOBox, Nick Evdokimov was quoted saying,

“We are thrilled to make ICO technology available to promising startups whose main worry is their inability to finance their business startup costs. With our own ICO, ICOBox is opening crowdselling know-how, which in the past was only available to blockchain startups, to the whole wide business world. “

The technology used in ICOBox offering includes a ready-to-deploy book building platform along with smart contract and token management system. The platform also offers legal and marketing solutions to the clients. The legal solutions include recommendations on whitepaper drafting, contracts, review, and recommendations. Similarly, the marketing solutions deal with marketing strategy including advertising target, budget, critical public relations recommendations, bounty program setup and more.

Projects can start making use of ICOBox tools to run their ICOs starting August 15, 2017. In order to do so, they will have to submit an application. Out of all the applications received, the community will select 10 of the best projects and provide them access to the tools. ICOBox has divulged its plans to start catering to 10 new projects every month and eventually increase it to 15 per day, reaching at least 800 projects in the very first year.

The crowdsale can be accessed at icos.icobox.io