How Does Cryptocurrency Trading Work?


To get started with cryptocurrency trading, you will utilize the information learned during Course One.

You must already own cryptocurrencies to begin trading them. Cryptocurrencies can be traded at most exchanges that allow the purchase of crypto assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum, or, any cryptocurrency can be sent to a cryptocurrency exchange with a corresponding supporting wallet and trading pair.

After buying crypto or sending it to a cryptocurrency exchange or trading platform, you can begin trading cryptocurrencies.

Each platform’s trading terminal will look relatively similar, and usually will include:

  • Price Chart
  • Order Book
  • Open Orders
  • Open Positions
  • Account Balance
  • Price Tickers

Depending on the platform, there may be additional tools available such as moving averages, widgets for customizations, and more.

Many platforms offer a mobile application or website, however, until you have become more comfortable with trading, it is recommended to use a desktop.

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