Dell CEO Reports Huge Server Order Paid For in Bitcoin

Dell Poweredge Stack

Here’s something you probably didn’t expect to hear this Saturday evening.

Dell CEO Michael Dell took to his official Twitter account this morning to report some pretty impressive news with regard to an order they received recently.

Before I get into that, I should preface this story by adding that Dell recently made waves in the cryptocurrency community with a surprise announcement that they have begun accepting bitcoin on their retail website at

The computing giant partnered up with Coinbase to facilitate the digital currency acceptance, and it would appear they are doing rather well.

Back to Michael’s tweet. In short, he announced a pretty big order for the company’s PowerEdge server solutions.

Total cost? A whopping 84 bitcoins, which converts to approximately $50,000 USD. How cool is that?

Now, depending on the configuration of the ordered servers, that could buy you quite a few PowerEdge units, but the community is eager to learn who submitted the order.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we’ll know who put it through unless they themselves reveal their identity, but we’d wager its probably a bitcoin-related start-up.

Assuming the client had paid via traditional payment options like a credit card, Dell just saved themselves over $1,000 in processing fees, which is a good thing all around (but of course, we don’t know how much Dell pays its processors).

  • redjohnners

    As with all retailers who accept bitcoin, I guess Dell converts to fiat the moment they receive the bitcoin. I would be interested to know how much such a conversion costs once the bid/offer spread and any commission have been factored in. We hear a lot about bitcoin’s zero transaction costs but less about the associated costs of conversion to and from bitcoin.

    • Erik

      Company that do that, mostly ask for 1%, some even give you the first milion in conversion free of charge.
      SO there starting at only 1%, this figure will only go down. !

    • guest

      When one once to convert to other currency or commodities is not a bitcoin issue but issue of the exchange. Bitcoin to bitcoin remains at low fee.

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