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GBMiners Founder Amit Bhardwaj shares his love for coffee and Bitcoin No Comments

It is a rare small break for the entrepreneur. The board meeting has just been delayed for 15 minutes, giving us the opportunity to finally grab that much sought-after Skype appointment. We were waiting for a week to speak to Amit Bhardwaj, the founder of GBMiners, now one of the world’s highly emerging Bitcoin mining companies. A formal introduction leads us inside the world of Bhardwaj, giv...

India’s Satoshi Studios Becomes South Asia’s First Blockchain Incubator No Comments

The Indian cryptocurrency and fintech ecosystem has garnered a lot of interest since the “Demonetization” drive was set in motion. The increased demand for Bitcoin in the country is now complemented by the launch of a Blockchain incubator. According to reports on Indian news media, the Indian Bitcoin company, GBMiners has laid the foundation for South Asia's first Blockchain incubator, Sato...

Indian Bitcoin Mining Pool GBMiners Obtains 5% Hashpower No Comments

India is not exactly a bright place when it comes to hosting Bitcoin mining operations, but a young startup is hoping to fight the odds for good. GBMiners, a Bitcoin mining pool which mined its first block in August, now stands to be one of the most competitive mining pools in Bitcoin sector. At press time, it has obtained over 5% in hashpower, and is willing to walk more miles with it...