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Ryan Charles Out, “crypto Is Not Part Reddit’s Near-Term Plans”

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Ryan CharlesRyan Charles, the former Cryptocurrency Engineer hired by Reddit to work on a cryptocurrency for the front page of the internet, has been let go. Ryan Charles explained his previous motivations for leaving BitPay to join up as the world’s first Cryptocurrency Engineer:

I was won-over by the then-CEO Yishan, who had an awesome vision for the future of reddit, including cryptocurrency as the financial system of the internet city that is reddit. However, Yishan suddenly and unexpectedly resigned his position a month or two later, probably due to exhaustion.

Ryan Charles Says Reddit Isn’t Doing Cryptocurrency Any Time Soon

Other stressing factors in recent corporate history include a $50 million funding round and a forced move to the Bay Area.Even with Ryan’s departure from Reddit, the long-term plans for Reddit may still include cryptocurrency. Reddit Notes might still come to fruition, just not in the near-term. Ryan explained:

I’m fairly confident cryptocurrency will return to reddit in the coming years (and of course you can still buy reddit gold with bitcoin), but it will have to wait a while for things to calm down. Meanwhile, best of luck to everyone who will get to witness the new era of reddit from the inside. It was cool to be a part of the historic front-page of the internet, at least for a while.

Reddit and cryptocurrency didn’t quite cross paths the way that we were all hoping it would late last year when the news was just breaking; however, they will still both survive on their own, separately, until they join in the future. Despite having been let go by Reddit, Ryan Charles stated that he has “complete confidence in the new leadership.”

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