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Dragon’s Tale – Playing Hide and Seek with Bitcoin

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Dragon’s Tale is an amazing Casino Multiplayer Role Play Game where the players can roam around searching and hiding Bitcoin. The game has an incredible and original concept that enables the players to follow a story while allowing them to play casino-like games.

In the beginning of the game, new players will need to find a Mentor to help them get acquainted with the game. This will be fairly easy since the game has a warm and welcoming community always willing to help.

There are several Islands to visit and lots of cool games to try out. The player is able to roam around the islands by findings boats that will take them to different islands. Scattered around the island the players will find Big Chinese soldier statues. Players can search the statues to find gifts or challenges they must complete to win some Bitcoin.

Finding rare herbs are yet another source of Bitcoin income. So, players can go search for herbs scattered across inside the game scenery.  In any case, increasing the Avatar level will be an important part of the game. By leveling up their Avatars, the players will have access to more islands to visit and more places to find rare plants, new games and of course, lots of bitcoins. Once the player finds a Mentor he will be in charge help them through their initial tasks.

Dragon’s Tale offers a reasonable collection of mini-games for users to play and bet on. The players can freely interact with almost everything in the game environment and the games are pretty interesting and rather unconventional. There are all sort of high variance luck based games and lots of skill games to try out and every each of them can offer big yielding.

Dragon’s Tale is a very addictive game capable of making you waste a lot of time and forget about reality. It’s a wonderful experience were you can relax and at the same time make some bitcoins.


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