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Dragon’s Tale – Learn Cow Tipping Techniques and Earn Some Coins

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Dragon’s Tale is one of the most popular Casino Multiplayer Role Play Games in the whole cryptocurrency industry. Its unique content and original style is incomparable, and its features beat any other gambling option in the ecosystem. In this game, players will find dozens of original casino style games that they won’t find elsewhere.

This week we will be talking about the Cow-Tipping mini-game. Cow Tipping is a very fun to play luck-based minigame that Dragon’s Tale players will be able to find throughout many of the islands comprising the game.

Scattered around the game, players will often find a lot of animals, including cows of different types and colors (spotted, brown, red). Once a Player finds a cow he will then be able to try the game. Cow Tipping is basically a game where you can learn different tipping techniques from other players.

How to learn from others?

To make the game even more interesting, players will need to learn different cow-tipping techniques, but before a player can learn a tip, he must first attempt to tip a cow. Even if the player isn’t successful at his first try, he will then be able to learn tips from others. There are many different techniques to master in all but the learning process is also quite simple: by watching others perform cow tipping the player will be able to learn new tips. They will be able to learn only 2 facets from someone on each move, and each facet must be learned from a different cow type. Although the odds are constantly re-adjust as a player learns new moves, he will have more chances of making a big score.

Cow Tipping is very simple to play, however, players will need to lose some time to learn new moves before starting to play and earn some coins. You can visit Dragon’s Tale and start learning Cow tipping moves now, and soon enough you will be ready to try it out for yourself.


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