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Dragon’s Tale – Balance a Coin and earn a nice Reward

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Bitcoin is increasingly entering the gaming and gambling Industry. Every day, we see more and more companies starting to accept the digital currency while new developments are being made just for it. Dragon’s Tale is a unique Casino Role Play Game specifically made for Bitcoin users. Dragon’s Tale brought a new game style to the Industry and introduced an original Casino-based game where players can choose an avatar and play hundreds of minigames.

Dragon’s Tale is currently the home of more than a hundred of unique casino minigames. There are a lot of skill and luck games that are actually quite easy to play and which can offer great rewards. The coin balance game is one of these fun and easy to play minigames that you can find at Dragon’s Tale and where you can earn some bitcoins. Coin balance is basically a luck based game, but you can use your own strategies to increase your chances.

Anyone can play the fences (coin balance) game and earn a nice reward. To do so you will need to find a fence and try to balance as much coins as you can. The game is pretty simple. All the player has to do is try to balance a coin over the fence. Every time the player is able to balance a coin he will earn the right to try to balance another one, thus increasing the final prize. The more coins you are able to balance the bigger it will be the final prize. However, if you drop one coin in the process, you will lose it all, but if you are patient enough it will be easy to have some wins.

To play the Fences, or the coin balance players just need to find a fence and have some coins to start balancing them. If you still haven’t tried out Dragon’s Tale it is probably about time for you to check it out and try the fences game!

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