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Kim Dotcom Showcases Few Features of MegaUpload 2 with BitCache

Avatar Gautham 3 years ago

Kim Dotcom, the New Zealand-based internet entrepreneur infamous for the now-defunct MegaUpload file sharing platform has teased his followers and cryptocurrency community members with the much-awaited MegaUpload 2 platform.

An exclusive preview of the upcoming file sharing platform with BitCache integration was shared in the form of a video clip by Kim Dotcom on his Twitter channel. Kim tweeted,

“Bitcache & Megaupload 2: A first look at encrypted anonymous content delivery with build-in Bitcoin payments. Private. Easy. Safe. Tidy.”

In the demo video, Kim shows off the features of MegaUpload 2. The platform, as per the demo comes with a ready integration of Bitcoin payments system on BitContent where uploaders can set a price for the content they are sharing. Once the user enters the relevant details including wallet address and uploads the content, a link to MegaUpload 2 will be generated for sharing purposes.

MegaUpload 2 with BitCache was slated for release earlier this year. However, due to delays the platform is now expected to go live in another six months’ time.  Kim Dotcom’s upcoming Bitcoin ecosystem linked product is stated to extend its services beyond the platform to offer monetization option for whole websites.

The first look of BitCache system creates an impression of a Medium-like content platform with cryptocurrency payment integration.

Kim has been vocal about the yet to be launched MegaUpload 2 and BitCache. On many occasions, he has predicted the Bitcoin price to double once the platform is launched. Even industry peers believe that if the previous MegaUpload platform is any comparison to the new platform, then it can end up promoting the use of Bitcoin among as many has 150 million users, which can in turn drive the demand for digital currency upwards.

The inclusion of privacy and anonymity options into the platform might also prove to be helpful, allowing people to express their views without having to worry about censorship or other blowbacks.

The impact of MegaUpload 2 on Bitcoin markets will only be known once it is made available. Until then, we just have to sit tight and wait for it.

Ref: Quartz | Twitter | ImageKim Dotcom graffiti (Thierry Ehrmann CC by 2.0)
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