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Blockchain technology has seen a serious boost in popularity throughout the recent year. Being tightly associated with cryptocurrencies, the technology that underpins most of them became a topic of mainstream discussion after the cryptocurrency prices rallied to their all-time high values in late 2017.

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Blockchain projects, particularly blockchain wallets, have also grown in popularity as 2018 saw billions in funding for initial coin offerings (ICOs).

Another thing which is worth noting is that 2018 saw an influx of blockchain events. Despite the fact that the prices have been continuously falling, this doesn’t seem to have prevented the industry from attempting to become more and more widespread. November and December saw over 100 conferences held worldwide, showing the definitive drive and enthusiast of industry proponents to push adoption even further.

Aiming to spread awareness and make the transition process even more seamless, NewsBTC has established itself as one of the largest blockchain news media out there.

Participating in different blockchain events, more often than not NewsBTC offers direct reporting from some of the major conferences and blockchain conferences.

Since 2013, NewsBTC has managed to establish itself as one of the leading blockchain news resources with a worldwide reach. Being a platform that attracts over 1.5 million visitors per month and over 3 million sessions, NewsBTC provides timely, objective, and invaluable insights on the entire blockchain industry. From technical analysis to daily news, the platform aims to spread awareness while educating its dedicated readership.

NewsBTC is fortunate enough to have some of the brightest minds in the industry, all of whom are driven by passion in the first place. This reflects on the content, making it engaging as its sole purpose is to educate and influence.


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