8 Best Crypto & NFT agency firms to help launch your project in 2022

There are multiple crypto agency firms in the blockchain industry. If you’ve got a crypto project, it’s essential to pick a marketing company to help you promote your services. Working with the best crypto agency can boost your project’s likelihood of success. Such companies have the experience and tools to deliver high-quality services. Although there are multiple crypto agency marketing companies in the market, you might find yourself at a crossroads as to which is the best company to choose. Luckily, we have conducted an in-depth study on the crypto marketing agency landscape to filter out the best promotion agencies for you.

Why do you require a crypto agency company?

Before evaluating the best crypto agency marketers in the market, it’s critical to understand why you require these agencies. If you have a blockchain project, here are the main reasons why you need a crypto advertising agency:

  • Multiple regulations: A crypto agency understands the rules to adhere to when promoting your offering across various platforms.
  • Stiff competition: The completion is stiff as new tokens are released to the market daily. So, your project might not attract any attention if you don’t collaborate with a crypto pr agency.
  • Market experience: A crypto agency has the knowledge and skills to understand the best tactics to use in promoting your project.

‘ICO and Crypto PR ads and articles have been targeted by the Top 10international social media sites. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are declaring their ban against crypto-related subjects across their channels.’

Source: Hackernoon

8 Top Crypto & NFT companies in the world

Here are the crypt agency firms to help you navigate the murky waters of blockchain advertising.

1. TokenMinds

Are you looking for blockchain development and marketing solutions? If yes, then TokenMinds is your best bet. TokenMinds agency has established itself as a prominent brand in the crypto marketing and development fields.  Already, the company has delivered multiple projects to various clients such as Bezant and Remme. Whether you require crypto advisory, blockchain development, NFT creation or crypto marketing services, TokenMinds can help you. The agency offers packaged marketing services to enable clients pick what fits their budget. Due to the team’s high-quality services, it’s received awards from Hackernoon and Coingape. Here are the key features of TokenMinds:

  • Crypto marketing: the agency has a dedicated team that helps clients build communities for their crypto projects. It offers multiple promotion services, including influencer, IDO, IEO, ICO, and PR marketing.
  • Full Agency: It offers both crypto development and marketing solutions. Within the development field, the agency provides NFT, blockchain, web development, and inhouse designing services.
  • Crypto consulting: the company offers various crypto consultation services including crypto advisory, asset tokenization, NFTs, and token fundraising.
  • Educational materials: The team has a blog committed to offering educational information about blockchain field and industry trends.
  • NFT Development: You can rely on TokenMinds for various NFT development services, such as smart contract development, NFT creation, and development of NFT marketplaces.
  • Blockchain Development: TokenMinds delivers blockchain development services that meets the needs of each business. Whether you need crypto exchange development services, smart contract development, or cryptocurrency development, the company will have you covered.

With the above-mentioned features, TokenMinds is the industry leader in crypto marketing, nft marketing and blockchain development services.

2. DaPixel

This crypto marketing agency is relatively new in the market and has the technology, experience, and tools to help market your project. A key draw of choosing DaPixel is that it offers free half an hour consultation services. The free consultation services help this crypto advertising agency create bespoke promotion strategies for your project. Here are more perks you’ll enjoy for choosing DaPixel:

  • Map out your unique objectives and develop a roadmap to attain them.
  • Study your rivals to identify their excellent and bad tactics and use the best strategies that leaders in your area use
  • The company prepares and executes a strategy on your behalf.

3. EmergenceMedia

EmergenceMedia.Agency is a leading crypto marketing agency that offers a comprehensive range of services to elevate blockchain projects to new heights. With over 6 years of experience, the agency’s talented team has successfully collaborated with over 75 prominent crypto projects, including Bybit, Okex, Kucoin, Betfury, Amber, and many others. 

Specializing in PR distribution, influencer marketing, editorial services, ad campaign management, interviews, AMAs, Twitter Spaces, and more. EmergenceMedia leverages its industry expertise to craft tailored strategies that captivate and engage the target audience. With an in-depth understanding of the crypto landscape, the agency creates compelling narratives that amplify brand visibility across various channels. 

EmergenceMedia’s vast network of influencers and media outlets ensures maximum exposure for clients’ projects, helping them establish a prominent presence in the highly competitive market. By partnering with EmergenceMedia, crypto ventures can unlock their full potential and embark on a remarkable marketing journey. 

For more information and to start an exceptional marketing campaign, please visit the agency’s website at emergencemedia.agency.

4. Bitcoin Marketing Team

With over eight years of crypto marketing experience, you can trust the Bitcoin Marketing Team for outstanding blockchain services. In total, the company’s whole client list has raised $110 million. Here are the key features of the Bitcoin Marketing Team:

  • In-depth knowledge in the video game field, helping them to adopt a holistic campaign approach
  • The crypto PR agency has a dedicated team of website developers who can help in optimizing your platform

5. Cryptoken Media

Are you looking for a crypto design agency with the experience to enable you to get clicks and the best investors? If yes, then Cryptoken Media is your best bet. With this team, you’re guaranteed optimum ROI and gains from your project. Here are the key features of a crypto design agency:

  • They give a particular focus on the content as crypto marketing relies on compelling content.
  • They work to improve your image because they understand that your project can attract multiple buyers with an outstanding appearance
  • As an experienced company, this crypto agency applies multiple advertising methods, including social networks, email ads, mobile promotions, and video messaging.

6. Lunar Strategy

With state-of-the-art technologies, the Lunar Strategy crypto agency aims to boost your profits in the digital world. The team has professionals with skills in promoting your offerings on multiple platforms, such as Facebook and Google. As the brand name implies, Lunar Strategy pays special attention to the tactics they use to promote your services. They prepare their marketing strategy three months in advance. Here are the key strengths of this crypto agency:

  • Experienced team: The team comprises experts in various platforms who use powerful tactics to promote your work.
  • SEO experts: The crypto agency has search engine optimization (SEO) specialists who will ensure that your website appears on the top of the research engine results page (SERP).
  • Content review: If your content is poor, the team will review it for improvement.

7. DLT Capital

DLT Capital focuses on providing corporate finance consultancy in traditional finance and blockchain technology. Its team comprises professionals in STOs, VC, blockchain development, and Finetech. The team leverages on its strategic connections with investors, blockchain players, and technology nerve centers.

8. Key Difference Media

This ICO promotion agency helps early-stage projects raise funds to finance their businesses. With an extensive list of brands that the company has helped to raise $270 million collectively, you need to consider it if you want to promote your project. Key Difference Media concentrates on ICO consultation, content promotion, PR, and influencer campaigns.


Once you create a blockchain project, the next move is to promote it to the crypto communities. But, marketing is a challenging task for many blockchain project owners. A crypto agency can help you put your project in front of the right audience. Here, we’ve explored the best crypto marketing firms in the market.


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