Artozo NFT Marketplace Beta Launch August 2022


The NFT Market potentially worth $231B by 2030 making this the time jump in.

August 26, 2022 – It isn’t often that you get to report on a project proceeding ahead of schedule. We are much more familiar with the nagging disappointment of updates assuring us that our long awaited treat has been briefly delayed but will be coming soon…blah, blah, blah. So, yeah, being able to say that a project is not just on schedule, but rolling out an early beta is a unicorn event.

If you haven’t heard, Artozo is a new NFT marketplace platform looking to shake up how you buy and sell NFTs. Based on Solana, Artozo is coming out of the gate ready to process your transactions faster and cheaper (and greener) than other platforms.

Some quick specs:

  • 27K followers on Twitter
  • 9K followers on Instagram
  • 300+ Artists applications
  • Weekly Twitter Space with 200+ active listeners
  • Social Media Reach estimate – 3Million monthly

But this isn’t just about buying and selling digital art. Artozo wants to make collecting NFTs fun and profitable and they’ve gamified the collecting processes. This platform has a number of unique features including an Invite Reward Model that makes sharing with your friends worth the time and effort. Referrals earn you both credits on the site and the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency. Their native token, ARTZ, will be tradeable on DEX and will be used for all transactions on the website.

Artozo also offers tools that help raise the value and utility of the NFTs you collect. ArtUp Boosters make it possible to raise the floor price of your NFTs and a transparent rating system allows the community to value the art offered on the marketplace. Their marketplace is invitation only and the Artists and their work verified to assure against scams.

The Artozo Team has worked for the last year to build a platform with the best tools and new options that help bridge the Web2 to Web3 gap as well as putting the NFTs you collect to work for you. Their Staking promotions will allow you to maximize the value of your NFTs by granting you hourly rewards for the art you stake. Staking essentially puts the assets you own to work creating a passive flow of profits.

Building a successful community is about more than social media, just like building an NFT platform is about more than buying or selling. “We talk with our followers on the regular and their input has helped shape Artozo.” says Pavlo Kharmanskyi, founder of Artozo “We are looking to create a community of NFTs lovers, not flippers.”
Learn More about ARTOZO:

Official Website:
Email: [email protected]



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