Autonio: Decentralized AI-Powered Trading Robot and Platform


Cryptocurrencies are a natural fit for automated trading.  Market volatility can be hugely profitable using AI-based trading. Presently, automated trading is mainly achieved using scripts that need some coding experience and are devoid of GUI. About half a dozen commercial products require expensive memberships. With over $1 billion in trades daily, the cryptotrading community is in need of a dispassionate, self-learning trading engine to take advantage of an environment where even the less professional and less disciplined traders can create many profit opportunities. Therefore, we introduce Autonio.

Autonio is formed by the integration of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Crypto-Trading forming the holy trinity of modern finance, specifically trading. It is the first decentralized AI-powered trading robot that deploys years of knowledge gained from Wall Street’s automated high frequency trading (HFT) industry.  It uses market indicators to analyze cryptocurrency trends in order to generate buy/sell signals and execute trades. The bot essentially acts as a tool that empowers all traders to exploit the power of AI trading. Autonio’s easy to use GUI allows users with no prior coding experience to benefit from crypto-volatility with as much ease as an expert trader. The platform enables users to lease/share their AI optimizations using NIO coins secured via smart contracts. The most profitable AI optimizations get featured on a leaderboard creating a constructively competitive environment wherein newbies learn from the experts.

Autonio aims to bring together the crypto trading community, connecting experts to newbie users, and allowing people from diverse backgrounds to share their expertise and let the community as a whole benefit from crypto market volatility. Users not only compete with each other on the basis of the most rewarding trading strategies that hits the top of the leaderboard, but they benefit from the strategies of the top traders making trading further more exciting and rewarding. Potential users can get a flavor of this feature during Autonio presale campaign by winning bounties for topping the leaderboard based on most profitable strategy.

The Autonio platform is built on Javascript, PHP, and Ethereum smart contracts for securely connecting the trading ecosystem. A functional demo product using Bitfinex is available at for back-testing AI trading strategies and checking out the profitability achieved with Autonio. Bitfinex has about 28 currency pairs and all the 28 pairs are available for users to back-test the system.

With support from influencers like Michael Morton (Founder & CEO, GNEISS) James Drake (CEO, Embermine & Editor-in-Chief, TokenVerse), Ismail Malik (Founder & CEO, BlockchainLab & Editor in Chief, ICO Crowd), Jonathan Millet (CEO, NewsBtc) Andrew Wagner (Assistant Editor, NewsBTC) and Blockchain Technologies Consulting, the team aims to disrupt, connect and diversify the cryptotrading ecosystem.

About Autonio

Autonio is the first AI-powered decentralized robotic trading system that makes crypto-trading easy, rewarding, competitive and fun by allowing traders to design their own investment strategies and compete with peers. Traders can learn, profit and win. For more information, please visit

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