Belief, Reliability, Acceleration, Infinite, Novelty – BRAINY, the Learning Currency


Technologically backed by the multi-chain base private blockchains, BRAINY a cryptocurrency was born. It is the currency that participates in the ICO of this project which will be received in exchange for BTC/ETH. This currency is a brief expression for the Al of this project. The conceptualization and improvement of BRAINY represent the belief of the intellectual people to innovative change by Al and their willingness and eagerness to be part of the modern world.

Powered by the team’s expectation, “Belief”, “Reliability”, “Acceleration”, “Infinite”, “Novelty” was formed as an acronym for BRAINY cryptocurrency, which best describe the future leading learning currency.

The targeted dividend, detailed specification of BRAINY are can be technically identified on their website. For a glimpse, you may check the below illustration:

To obtain support from many crypto coin holders and to share the wave of change with people is the team’s ultimate desires. Creating happiness through this modern cryptoworld is the main goal of these smart people.

Together with the development partners, Cryptoengine and its clever and hardworking team, the greatest goal and satisfaction will be exceeded – HAPPINESS IN THE HEARTS OF THE CRYPTO COIN HOLDERS.

Let us all go beyond expectations and continuously develop our modern world through this innovation.

Visit their website for more updates,


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