Betrium Launched Presale, Worldwide Bookmaker & Betting Exchange


Betrium launched Pre-ICO today with 20% discount on the first day. Betrium is the Worldwide Bookmaker and Betting Exchange Offering Zero Fees, API for Developers and Event Organizers Platform. The Betrium is going change the wealthy industry of $1 trillion annually.

Oct 24, 2017, Amsterdam, Betrium launched pre-ICO with 500% discount and 600% discount on the first day.

Profit share for BTRM token holders: 50%.

Betrium’s mockery promo-video about today’s ICO industry


Industry problems
1. Worldwide Support
— No global support.
— No global money deposits and withdrawals.
— Only local and the world’s most popular events.

2. High Fees
— 1-3% money deposits commission.
— 1-3% money withdrawals commission.
— 0-5% win commission.

3. No cryptocurrencies support in most cases.

4. Unfair conditions. Due the law problems and increased taxes, bookmakers need to offer low-profitable betting odds. Also, in most cases a minimum deposit of $20+ is required.

5. No platform for event organizers. There are no platforms that allow crating own bets and earn money. Such service may be useful for small sports leagues, event organizers and e-sports streamers.

6. No API. Just few services offer public API for developers.

The Betrium is going to solve all these problems.

Betrium seems to be the first to offer the following features:

1. Worldwide:
— Full worldwide service.
— Worldwide money deposits and withdrawals.
— Worldwide Customer Support (for 25-30 countries).
— Worldwide and local events all around the world.

2. Platform for event organizers:
— Betrium offers unique platform for event creation. The platform gives an opportunity to make custom events and earn money from betting.

3. Lowest Fees:
— 0-1% commission on money deposits.
— 0-1% commission on international money withdrawals.
— 0% commission on winnings.

4. Crypto-currencies support: ETH (+ all ERC20 tokens), BTC, LTC, DASH etc.

5. Fair Conditions. No minimum deposit required, high profitable odds.

6. Open API. Betrium offers Open API for developers and encourages betting bots and third-party betting service providers.

Betrium’s mission is to expand and to become a global key player in the gambling market.

In the next eight months, Betrium plans to run the following services:
— Betting website;
— Event Organizers Platform (including marketing and event promoting tools);
— Mobile Applications (iOS/Android).
— Beta of RESTful API.

ICO summary:

BTRM — Ethereum ERC-20 token.
Pre-ICO start: 23 October 2017 (600%– 500%– 300%–200% bonus).
Pre-ICO end: 14 November 2017.
Token price on the first day of pre-ICO: 1 ETH = 7200 BTRM.
Token price on the second day of pre-ICO: 1 ETH = 6000 BTRM.
Token price on the ICO: 1 ETH = 1400 BTRM.
Total Supply: 140,000,000 BTRM


Social Networks:

Telegram (Official Channel)
Telegram (Public Chat)

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